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Tuesday, December 01, 2020
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Is a Career in Real Estate for You?

If you can see yourself working in a flexible career where you have more control over your schedule, the answer may be “YES”! 

Not to mention YOU are in control of your earning potential.  While the average real estate professional earns $38,000-$49,000 per year.  It isn’t unreasonable to believe you can earn $100,000 per year or more once you have developed your career. In fact, popular real estate speaker Verl Workman was recently quoted as saying, “If your income goal isn’t at least $100,000 per year, you may want to consider another career.”

Average Michigan real estate earnings by area:

While developing a real estate career takes hard work and dedication, if you have the passion to succeed, you are headed in the right direction!

Real Estate Recently Ranked Among Most Fulfilling Jobs

Nine (9) Important Steps for Getting Started in a Real Estate Career:

1.  Take pre-licensing courses. Salesperson applicants must complete 40 hours of approved pre-license education. This course is available through real estate companies, real estate boards/associations as well as private companies.

List of State of Michigan Approved Courses:

2.  Complete & submit your Real Estate Salesperson License Application. Please note, the State of Michigan requires applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

3.  Apply for your license. Visit to apply for your license.

4.  Receive authorization to test. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email from the State of Michigan notifying you of your authorization to register for the exam.

5.  Take the Michigan Salesperson Licensing Exam. Register and pass the salesperson’s exam with the exam provider, Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI). 

To schedule your exam, visit the PSI website at:

To review the complete guide to Michigan Real Estate Licensing, go here: 

6.  If you have not already done so, obtain an Employing Broker Sponsor. In order to practice as a real estate salesperson, you must be sponsored by a licensed Michigan Employing Broker. To find an Employing Broker that subscribes to Realcomp (Michigan’s largest Multiple Listing Service/REALTOR® service center), search our public site at Here you can find Brokers/Brokerages by name, city, and/or zip code.

7.  Licensing Exam Passed - Now Position Yourself for Success in the Industry! Once you have successfully passed your licensing exam, you will want to position yourself for success in real estate. A sure fire way to do this is by becoming a REALTOR®, a real estate professional who abides by a strict Code of Ethics and applies additional professional standards to their business.

To do this, start your journey by joining a local Board or Association of REALTORS®. These organizations are dedicated to helping real estate professionals continually develop their expertise in the field. Realcomp is owned by eight (8) Boards/Associations of REALTORS®, each one offering its own unique menu of services to help Brokers, Agents, & Appraisers reach their professional goals.

Your employing Broker can help you with choosing a Board/Association, or you can call or email these organizations to obtain a list of their offerings and the benefits that they provide.

View Realcomp’s Shareholder Boards & Associations of REALTORS® here: 

8.  Once you have joined a Realcomp Shareholder Board or Association, let them know of your desire to use Realcomp for access to the most complete offering of real property data and technology-related tool set. Your new Board or Association will help to enroll you in Realcomp’s services. Once that process is complete, you will be contacted by Realcomp with your system login information (usually within 48-hours of your application being received). 

9.  You’re then ready to begin using the real property data and technology-related tools provided by Realcomp to begin promoting yourself, capturing leads, serving clients, and ultimately earning a living in real estate! Realcomp offers many different tech-classes that can help you get started with all of these things. After logging into the Realcomp Dashboard, just select the “Class Scheduler” icon to see a list of our training offerings.

Last Modified: Wednesday, December 14, 2016
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About Realcomp and Its Shareholders

About Realcomp and Its Shareholders

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Realcomp II Ltd. is proud to be a REALTOR®-owned Multiple Listing Service that delivers first-rate data services, support, & instruction to the real estate industry. Realcomp is owned by eight (8) prominent Boards/Associations of REALTORS® in Southeast Michigan. Subscriptions to Realcomp are processed through our owners, these Shareholder Boards/Associations.

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Realcomp is owned by the following eight (8) Boards/Associations of REALTORS®. Each one offers unique services that help brokers, agents, & appraisers reach their professional goals. Please contact them to learn more about these offerings, including those related to the enforcement of the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and how they can be of benefit to you in your business!

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