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Thursday, April 19, 2018
November Single-Family Home Sales Statistical Highlights
Winter Homecoming: Single-Family Home Sales Prices Increase 6.2%

Decreased Inventory Leads to Quicker Sales and Higher Prices

November Monthly Highlights:

The facts of residential real estate have remained consistent in 2017. In year-over-year comparisons, the number of homes for sale has been fewer in most locales, and homes have been selling in fewer days for higher prices. This hasn't always been true, but it has been a common enough storyline to make it an overarching trend for the year.

New tax legislation could have ramifications on housing. The White House believes that the tax reform bill will have a small impact on home prices, lowering them by less than 4 percent, and could conceivably boost homeownership. The National Association of REALTORS® has stated that eliminating the mortgage interest deduction could hurt housing, as the doubled standard deduction would reduce the desire to take out a mortgage and itemize the interest associated with it, thus reducing demand. This is a developing story.

  • All single-family home sales for the month were up by 3.7% Y-O-Y, from 6,611 to 6,857. All MLS sales decreased M-O-M from 7,701.

  • The median sale price for All MLS sales increased by 6.2% Y-O-Y, from $151,400 to $160,850. The All MLS median sale price decreased M-O-M from $168,000.

  • Average Days On-Market (DOM) for All MLS sales decreased by 7 days Y-O-Y, from 47 to 40. The ALL MLS avg. DOM increased by 2 days M-O-M from 38.

  • All MLS on-market listings (inventory) decreased by 27.3% Y-O-Y from 24,602 to 17,880.All MLS on-market listings decreased M-O-M from 19,642.

  • 4.5% of Residential and Condo On-Market listings are flagged as “lender mediated”. These listings include foreclosures and those marked as short sales. This percentage is up 2.5% Y-O-Y based on the recalculated percentage for November, 2016, which is 7.0%.The percentage of lender mediated listings is up by .4% M-O-M (compared to October) from 4.1%.

  • Sales were particularly strong in November in Washtenaw County, showing an increase of 25.2% Y-O-Y from 321 units to 402.

 Last Modified: Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 2017

December 2017

MLS Data from Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS® (GLAR) Now Accessible through Realcomp MLS

Realcomp II Ltd. announced today its long-awaited implementation of MLS data from the Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS®.

November Single-Family Home Sales Statistical Highlights

November Single-Family Home Sales Statistical Highlights

The Gift that Keeps On Giving … The ShowingTime App

The ShowingTime mobile app can help you complete tasks while you are with clients or between meetings. Here are just a few of the things you can check off your list while on the go

This Week’s Featured Social Media Account is Facebook!

What can Facebook do for you as a REALTOR®? Put you in touch with potential customers. Everyone, of all ages, is on Facebook. And, even those who use other types of social media come back to Facebook to communicate with this particular audience. Many people when looking for a car, a painter, a plumber, or a REALTOR® ask their Facebook friends for recommendations. Not being active on Facebook means missed opportunities. Additionally, Facebook is an excellent way to share photos, videos, and gener

Happy Holidays from Realcomp

Happy Holidays from Realcomp

Remine Open Beta Test Begins Today!

Remine Open Beta Test Begins Today! ... Remine was designed as a direct response to the many challenges REALTORS® face in using data for effective marketing. By leveraging this predictive analytics tool, business opportunities are visually presented, equipping you to proactively market to the right place, at the right time.

Straight Talk with Realcomp about N.A.R.’s Recent Approval of “MLS of Choice”

Watch this video to learn from Realcomp’s CEO, Ms. Karen S. Kage, about N.A.R.’s recent approval of “MLS of Choice” and how this will benefit MLS Subscribers in 2018!

Way to Go Realcomp REALTORS® on Your Usage of Realcomp’s InfoSparks Statistical Tool!

During the month of October, you generated over 401,660 views of property statistics through charts that were shared or embedded on websites! You also viewed charts in the program over 17,800 times during the month.

This Week’s Featured Social Media Account is YouTube!

YouTube is an excellent way to share videos. When you visit and subscribe to Realcomp’s YouTube channel, you will have access to training videos and other resources that you won’t want to miss! Recently Realcomp launched testimonial videos featuring several of your REALTOR® peers, Brokers and even a client.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business Email Compromise, a sophisticated scam targeting people and businesses everywhere.

When Is My Showing Finished?

ShowingTime has implemented a brand new feature in the ShowingTime Mobile App to help notify sellers when a showing is finished!

Have You Activated Your Account?

If you have listings, then you may have leads waiting for you in your no-cost account. always displays the listing broker or agent and sends you the listing inquiries for your properties.

Important Update Regarding Auto Emails Sent from Realcomp’s RCO3®/Matrix System

Late on November 27th, an important modification was made to the auto e-mails that are generated from the RCO3® MLS system. Specifically, the “from” email address was changed from to