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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
9 Important Things MLS Subscribers Should Know About Realcomp's Transitions

9 Important Things MLS Subscribers Should Know About Realcomp’s Upcoming Transaction Management and Listing Data Entry Transitions

1) Realcomp will discontinue offering and supporting TransactionDesk by LoneWolf on Sunday, October 31, 2021.

Docs+ Dashboard Tile

2) Realcomp is now offering and supporting the Remine Docs+ transaction management system. This module was launched in the Spring of 2021, is available to MLS Subscribers through the Realcomp dashboard (icon shown at right) and has been integrated into the RCO3® MLS system. The Docs+ module is available to all Realcomp Subscribers at no additional cost and is now included as a core Realcomp service for transaction management needs.

3) If you haven’t yet obtained your transactions and/or other related-content from the TransactionDeskTM system, now is the time to do this! Several months ago, we published the 7-Step Checklist for a Smooth Move, to help you transition from TransactionDeskTM to Docs+. If you haven’t already done so, please review this checklist and begin taking the appropriate steps now.

  1. Included in the 7-Steps checklist is the task of requesting your transactions from LoneWolf. After doing this and confirming with them that you want your transactions, they will email you a document that includes unique and temporary links to each of your transactions in the program. These links are expected to EXPIRE in approximately a year. You will need to click on each of the links to download and save your transaction to your favorite hard drive or cloud storage location. This will allow you to secure this content for your future access to it.

4) For Users Who Choose to Subscribe to TransactionDeskTM through LoneWolf: Some MLS Subscribers are considering whether they want to keep TransactionDeskTM through a direct subscription with LoneWolf. This is a business decision each MLS Subscriber will need to make for themselves. For those who choose to subscribe to TransactionDeskTM outside of Realcomp, please keep the following in mind regarding its expected short and long-term MLS compatibility:

  1. The SUBMIT button on Realcomp’s current online profile forms will be removed on Tuesday, November 2nd at 9:00 a.m. This is being done in preparation for the upcoming launch of the new Add-Edit module (which includes new data fields, lookup values, layouts, and more). If you have any incomplete listings that have been started in TransactionDeskTM, be sure to upload them to Realcomp before 9:00 a.m. on 11/02/2021.
  2. ‚ÄčRealcomp’s existing profile forms are expected to remain in TransactionDeskTM up until Realcomp’s launch of the new Add-Edit module. Although these profile forms will no longer contain a “Submit” button, users will still be able to fill them in online, print them, and email them to clients while the profile forms appear there. You can also choose to download completed profile forms to your computer and then upload them into Docs+ transactions (if you so desire).
  3. Between November 2nd and just before the launch of the new Add-Edit module, MLS Subscribers will only be able to enter listings into Realcomp through the existing Listing Input module.
  4. Once the new Listing Add-Edit module is implemented and deemed to be stable, Realcomp will then share the new profile forms and data specifications with our 3rd party vendors. This will allow them to program their systems for Realcomp-compatibility. Timelines for Realcomp doing this are not yet known and are based on when the constancy (no changes being needed) of the Add-Edit module is achieved.

5) Once the new Listing Add-Edit module is deemed to be stable, users will be able to start a listing online and print a completed profile form from it -OR- fill out a new online profile form from Docs+ and submit the listing to Realcomp through the form.

6) If you start a new listing in the existing Listing Input module (before the release of the new Add-Edit module) and save it as a partial save listing in RCO3®, you will be able to complete the listing and submit it to Realcomp using the Add-Edit module once it has been released.

7) When registration becomes available for the new Listing Add-Edit classes and webinars, this information will appear on your RCO3® announcement screen. Watch for it to be shared soon!

8) To see a demonstration of the new Listing Add-Edit module, be sure to attend Realcomp’s November Town Hall meeting on Thursday, November 11th at 7:00 p.m. Register for this meeting HERE.

9) The official revised target date for the launch of the new Listing Add-Edit module will be announced on the RCO3® announcement screen as soon as it is set. We expect this to be in early November. However, Realcomp is in the process of beta testing the module and the launch date is dependent on beta testing efforts, the issues that are discovered during testing, and the how soon resolutions can be implemented. Our goal is to make the program as smooth and error-free as possible, which will allow us to proceed with setting a firm launch date.

Realcomp’s implementation of the new listing Add-Edit module sets the stage for Realcomp to bring more technologies to our REALTOR® subscribers in the future, including “MLS platform of choice”. Please continue to watch for more information to be shared leading up to the dates noted above.


Last Modified: Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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9 Important Things MLS Subscribers Should Know About Realcomp's Upcoming Transaction Management and Listing Data Entry Transitions

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