Top Priority Issues and Helpful Tips for Listing Add-Edit

Realcomp continues to work with our vendor, Remine, on resolving top priority issues and communicating user tips related to the new Listing Add-Edit module. We want to keep you abreast of issues, potential work-arounds, and helpful tips.

Priority Issues - These items continue to be investigated by Realcomp and our vendor so they can be resolved once and for all: (Fixed week of 8/1/22)

1. Photos – Although not all users are experiencing photo-related issues in reference to the new Add-Edit module, some are. These issues consist of the following scenarios:
a. Incorrect sort order of photos in RCO3®/Matrix versus Add-Edit
b. Longer than usual photo upload times and timeouts
c. Longer than usual waits on photo deletes
d. Lengthy waits to see a new main photo
e. Errors when attempting to download photos for listings pre-existent to the June 6th Add-Edit rollout

Some of these issues may be related to user setup and/or Internet services. However, we have implemented various audit logs which are helping us collect in-depth information on the intricate processes that are being used in relation to the functions and issues mentioned above. This will help us to pinpoint root cause(s) of these issues and implement solutions.

Helpful Tips – To help you use the Add-Edit module most efficiently:

1. Uploading Photos: Upload any of the following image file types: png, jpg, or jpeg. Apple HEIC are not compatible. If you have experienced photo issues since the Add-Edit launch, uploading photos in small batches (i.e., 10 or less) is still recommended until you have them all uploaded.
2. Screen Refresh: If upon uploading or editing images, the “in-process” icon continues to display for an inordinate amount of time, refresh your screen. On a PC, you can accomplish this by holding down the CTRL-key and pressing the F5-key.
3. Moving Photos: After uploading photos, to re-order them, be sure to click on the 4-headed arrow icon (in the bottom right of the photo) and drag the photo to its new location.
4. Deleting Open Houses: Before changing the status of an Open House listing to off-market, be sure to remove the Open House first. You will not be able to remove the Open House from an off-market property.
5. Not Seeing Specific Listings on the Homepage of Remine Add-Edit? – This may be due to your home page filter default being set to “My Office Listings” instead of “My Listings”. Simply click on the Filters and Source options (at the right-hand side of the screen) to make necessary adjustments to these settings.
6. Quickly Editing a Listing: To go directlys to a specific listing, use the search box (to the immediate left of the Filters). Enter either the address of the property or the MLS number to get to the listing in the quickest way.
7. Compensation Formats - In the Financial section of the listing, you must enter at least one of the 3 commission types (i.e., Sub Agency, Buyer Agency [BA] or Transaction Coordinator [TC]), a compensation amount, and a compensation format (i.e., dollar sign-$, percentage sign-%, or other) for any listing being submitted to the MLS. Additionally, you may no longer describe a commission as a fraction or using words (i.e., one half of first month's rent). This is a NAR mandate. You must use a dollar or % amount.
8. Buyer Side Agents of Data Share MLSs Can be Entered When Recording Sales –Always enter the name of the agent in the Buyer Agent or Co-Buyer Agent field to see a list of potential agents that you can then choose from. If you do not see the correct agent listed then enter “999999” into the license number field. You can then type the agent and office names into the appropriate fields.
9. Fair Housing Word Checker Flags Words in Remarks, Directions, and Cross Streets –Add-Edit automatically runs a check for any of the 67 words or phrases to exclude from listings according to Fair Housing rules. The checker looks at the Remarks, Directions, and Cross Streets fields. When a word on the list is found, a flag appears on your listing to notify you of the condition. When this occurs, simply review the applicable field(s) and click the “Y” prompt to acknowledge the warning and confirm your information is correct (assuming that no changes are needed).
10. Red and Green Indicators: Be sure all RED indicators on the left-hand side of the listing screen have turned to GREEN before attempting to submit your listing. Red indicators show the fields that are still incomplete.
11. Scroll Bars: Depending on the device that you are using, all sections of the listing may or may not be displaying on your screen. When using laptops and other mobile devices, screens are minimized with the presence of scroll bars. Be sure to use your scroll bars to review all sections of your listing before attempting to submit your listing.
12. Protection Period: You may now type data (i.e., 90 days, 120 days, etc.) into the Protection Period field instead of having to select specific dates from the calendar prompts.

For support on all Remine-related issues, please contact Realcomp’s Customer Care Department at and provide as many pertinent details as possible in your email. Remine provides limited end-user support services. Therefore, we do not recommend that you contact anyone other than Realcomp for assistance.

We thank you for your continued patience as we continue to work towards resolving all remaining launch issues.

Last Modified: Thursday, August 4, 2022

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