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Monday, July 06, 2020
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Thank you for requesting more information on the products & services Realcomp can provide for YOU!

Download our 2020 Technology Guide/Statement of Services Summary

Reasons Brokers and Agent Will Want to Choose Realcomp:

Now that MLS data sharing with the Great Lakes Repository (GLR) is nearing completion, MLS organizations across SE Michigan have the brand new opportunity to deliver more complete listing data than ever before, to on and off-market listings (up to 3 years back), for their REALTOR® customers.

Beyond access to these additional GLR-sourced listings, Realcomp REALTORS® are uniquely positioned to succeed in the market due to a special mix of services, provided only by Realcomp. These include:

1)  Access to accurate and complete MLS data for the larger part of the region provided by Realcomp REALTORS® who adhere to the high quality data submission standards of Realcomp

2)  Access to Public Record Data (PRD) for the entire State of Michigan!

3)  Access to MLS data beyond SE Michigan through Realcomp’s data sharing arrangements with: 1) MichRIC MLS (west side of state), 2) Northern Great Lakes REALTORS® MLS (Traverse City area), and 3) a host of additional organizations across North America through the CoreLogic Data Co-op

4)  Dedicated Customer Care Phone, E-mail, and Chat Support through Realcomp’s seven (7) days per week service (staffed by local Realcomp representatives)

5)  MLS Data integrations with Public Record Data (PRD), Realtors Property Resource (RPR), Realist, Down Payment Resource (DPR), CoreLogic’s Data Co-op, Listing Load, and more than 20 years of historical property records

6)  Online forms and unlimited document storage, online faxing, and Authentisign e-signatures through Instanet Solutions

7)  Internet Data Exchange (IDX) services for Brokers and Agents – through easy-to-use links or actual IDX data feeds

8)  The RealcompMLS app, which enables fast searching of MLS data, vibrant photos, access to Public Record Data, broker/agent branding, and collaboration between REALTORS® and their clients

9)  Listing syndication to major real estate Internet portals (as selected by Brokers), and

10)  Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, and “Ask the Lawyer” Legal Assistance (New)

11)  And, a host of other services you and others in your office may be using

It’s through these services that Realcomp REALTORS® are set apart to excel above others in the SE Michigan market! Don’t be without access to the state’s largest network of access to MLS and Public Record Data for researching past sales on properties, knowing the market, determining the “right price” for today, and closing deals. It’s through Realcomp resources that you will have the most help to sell your listings and co-op with others who will pay you for selling theirs. Other MLS providers may not have resources such as these in place for you!

Download a copy of the Top 11 Reasons to Choose Realcomp

Copies of the Statement of Services and the Top 11 Reasons to Choose Realcomp have also been sent to the e-mail address provided.

Still have questions about Realcomp’s services? Please call us at (866) 553-3430 and speak with a Realcomp Customer Care representative or ask to speak with a member of our Management Team. We’d be pleased to help you understand the unique value proposition the Realcomp MLS delivers to Michigan REALTORS®!