Computer Clinic


Our Computer Clinic is an expanded service option available to Realcomp Subscribers for purchasing "above and beyond" support for technical issues that extend beyond the scope of phone or e-mail.

Products/Issues Supported:

  • Software installation, configuration, and/or troubleshooting for:
    • Products offered/supported by Realcomp (as available)

Terms: The Customer agrees to pay Realcomp $60.00 per hour for Computer Clinic Services requested. The minimum time billed will be one (1) hour. Additional time will be billed in fifteen-minute increments. Payment is expected upon the completion of the service via credit card or check.

Realcomp Subscribers may call Realcomp Customer Care to schedule an appointment for service. Appointments are required and will be subject to staff availability.

All services will be performed on site at Realcomp's location by trained Customer Care staff members. Customers are responsible for the delivery and pickup of their own hardware/software. The customer should be prepared to leave their computer system. A receipt will be provided for all equipment left at Realcomp, and Realcomp will be responsible for securing the equipment.

Customer Care staff will give an estimated time for resolution and will contact the customer when the service is completed.

Computer Clinic services will be provided on a best-effort basis. There is no guarantee that Customer Care staff will be able to resolve all issues. Customers may be referred to a software/hardware vendor for additional support.


Last modified:  Thursday, September 19, 2013