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Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Great Lakes Repository (GLR)

Listings from the Great Lakes Repository (GLR) are available for Realcomp Subscribers to search directly within RCO3®!


Realcomp Subscribers now have access to thousands of additional on and off market listings through the participation of our Shareholder Boards and Associations in the Great Lakes Repository (GLR).

For those who are new to the Great Lakes Repository (GLR) concept, it's simply an additional database of listings which is automatically populated by participating MLS organizations. These MLS organizations share listing data with one another through the database and populate their systems with that additional listing content. Realcomp's participation in the GLR means these shared listings are now available to Realcomp Subscribers through RCO3®.

Realcomp's participation in the GLR also means your listings are available to the members/users of  nine* (9) additional boards, associations, or MLSs. This increases your potential listing exposure to 67% of Michigan REALTORS® through their home MLS systems.

Listings imported into RCO3® through the GLR will have a specific two-digit prefix (shown below) added to the listings to ensure that listings are not overwritten due to duplicate MLS numbers.

MLS Organizations Sharing Listing Data with Realcomp through the GLR

MLS Prefix

Branch County Association of REALTORS®


Greater Shiawassee Association of REALTORS®


Hillsdale County Board of REALTORS®


Jackson Area Association of REALTORS®


Lenawee County Association of REALTORS®


MiRealSource MLS


Montcalm County Association of REALTORS®


Saginaw Board of REALTORS®


Southeastern Border Association of REALTORS® (formerly the Down River and Monroe Associations) 57

MLS Organizations with Pre-Existing Agreements to Share Listing Data with Realcomp

MLS Prefix

Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®


East Central Association of REALTORS® (Flint)


In addition to the GLR initiative, Realcomp continues to maintain other long-standing MLS data sharing partnerships which span the State of Michigan and the country. These include MLS data sharing arrangements with Ann Arbor (direct data exchange),  the Greater Lansing Area/GLAR (direct data exchange), and other out-of-state organizations that use the CoreLogic MLS Data Co-Op for sharing. For more information on the data share partnerships available to Realcomp Subscribers, click here.

No MLS in Michigan provides their MLS Subscribers with more MLS data than Realcomp! What tools do you have in your MLS Data Sharing toolbox?

 Last Modified: Thursday, January 2, 2020
Data Sharing

Data Sharing

Realcomp Sharing Data for the Benefit of Realcomp REALTORS

Data Sharing-Out of State Organizations

Realcomp Sharing Data for the Benefit of Realcomp REALTORS - Out of State Organizations

Great Lakes Repository (GLR)

Realcomp is pleased to make the Great Lakes Repository (GLR) available to MLS Subscribers!