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Sunday, October 17, 2021
Instanet Forms, Electronic Signatures, Online Document Storage and More


Instanet Forms are available to all Realcomp Subscribers as a core service and allow you to save time, money, and resources while improving efficiencies -- at no additional cost. This online forms functionality is integrated with the MLS system and is available for access 24 hours per day.

TransactionDesk is used today by over 365,000 licensed users across more than 100 REALTOR® Associations and include the following features and benefits:

Questions? Please view our Training Videos on the TransactionDesk Interface, or call Realcomp Customer Support at 866-553-3430.


  • Attaching Documents to Listings: This feature enables users to attach transaction documents to their listings to make them available to other MLS Subscribers. Documents can be attached to a listing through the MLS system or through TransactionDesk™.


  • AuthentisignOnline: E-Signings: This feature is a secure browser-based on-line document signing service, which enables multiple parties to participate and sign documents online. Authentisign is the only digital signature solution for real estate that includes seven years of document protection via the US Postal Service Electronic Postmark(USPS EPM) service, and has been designed exclusively for real estate. USPS EPM service is web-based security service that dates and time stamps electronic documents and files, provides tamper detection, and enables on-line verification of content authenticity. Authentisign is e-Sign compliant and FHA approved.
    • USPS Electronic Postmarks (USPS EPM) 
  • Branding: This feature enables users to brand their emails, faxes, and participant log-in pages with their photo or office logo.


  • Contacts (add new or import from Google): This feature enables users to store contact information for transaction participants, as well as other personal contacts, in the application. Contacts can be added individually or from your Google account.


  • Complete Forms History: Each form is tracked for creation, history and access. All dates are logged into the system to automatically create a paper trail.


  • DocBox Print Driver: This feature enables users to fax, e-mail and/or upload files by virtually 'printing' them from any Windows application by clicking on “File”, “Print” and selecting the "DocBox Printer" option.


  • Emailing (Documents and Forms): Many items can be emailed from the application, including forms. These emails are sent and tracked through the application.


  • Faxing/Fax Log (Toll Free): This feature enables users to send and receive unlimited faxes. The user can fax directly from TransactionDesk, and you can also receive faxes from your clients using the Fax Back cover sheet. View the faxes that you’ve sent and received via the Fax Log. The fax log tracks incoming and outgoing faxes with time and date stamps and it also displays receipt status.
    • Local and Toll free fax numbers can also be purchased through TranactionDesk in addition to the free faxing using the Fax Back cover sheet. The vanity fax number provides a similar service to eFax of other internet faxing services with three distinct advantages: it costs less than competing services, it integrates with DocBox and TransactionDesk, and it provides unlimited faxing in and out—no overage fees!


  • Online Forms: This feature includes over 150 available forms, including: Realcomp forms, Realcomp Shareholder Board & Association forms, Michigan Association of REALTORS® forms, Ann Arbor Board of REALTORS® forms, and office forms.

  • Online Document Storage (Unlimited): This feature enables every user to upload and store an UNLIMITED number of documents in the application.


  • Online Help Information and Previously Recorded Webinars: Online help information is readily available throughout the application. Previously recorded webinars are also available for on-demand viewing by MLS Subscribers by visiting TransactionDesk Full-length video.


  • Integrated with Realcomp's MLS and Public Record Databases: Save yourself countless hours of redundant entry. Auto-populate the forms you are using for each listing or sale from data already stored in Realcomp—saving you time. With a new listing, submit the new listing to Realcomp by simply clicking the "Upload Listing" button—no additional data entry required.


  • Personal/System Clauses: This feature enables users to easily insert custom clauses into their forms by adding them to a database and inserting them as needed. Personal clauses are those created by the user or Office/Broker. System clauses are added by Realcomp. An example of a clause that might appear on a form is “Listing agent to present all offers”.


  • Quick-Start Groups: This feature enables users to “package” commonly used forms together, so they can be inserted into a transaction as a group (rather than individually) which saves the user time and effort.


  • Reports (Broker & Super User Accounts): This feature enables Brokers and Super Users to run reports on the TransactionDesk™ activities of the agents in their office.


  • Super User (Office Management) Accounts: This feature enables users with super user privileges to access the transactions of any agent in the office. They can also login to the application as any agent in the office and run reports on their TransactionDesk™ activities.


  • Transactions
    • Archiving: This feature enables users to package the forms that are attached to a transaction into a PDF format, so the final document can be saved and/or e-mailed. Transactions are automatically archived when deleted and a downloadable PDF will be emailed to the email address on file with InstanetForms.
    • Call Logs: This feature enables users to log phone calls within a transaction to keep an accurate history with information such as name, date, time, along with any additional notes about the call.
    • Sharing with Co-Workers: This feature enables users to share their transactions with one or more co-workers within their office. This feature is particularly beneficial to those who work in pairs or teams. Agents can also share their transactions with office staff so staff can manage or add information to the transactions. Sharing can be on a read, write, or read & write basis, per transaction.
    • Transaction & Form History: All steps, changes, modifications, etc. are stored in transactions and forms.
  • Wizards (built into application): This feature provides you with step-by-step instructions by asking you a series of questions or presenting options for accomplishing tasks within the software.



 Additionally, InstanetForms offer...

  • Fully Web-Based: No big downloads—ever. Use from virtually any computer with Internet access.
  • Multiple Fonts, Colors, and Sizes: Users can select from 14 different fonts, 10 colors and 8 font sizes for your contracts. An auto-size feature will shrink longer sentences to fit within the text input area on a contract.
  • Online Negotiation: Allows forms to be sent between parties, interactively negotiated, and tracked online. A full audit trail of all changes and modifications is kept for each contract and form created through this service.

 Last Modified: Monday, January 25, 2021