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Saturday, January 22, 2022
Listing Data Entry Service (Updated)

Important details regarding Realcomp's Listing Data Entry Service...

With improvements in MLS technology being implemented over the last several years, the majority of MLS Subscribers have moved away from sending their listings to Realcomp for "processing". Most Subscribers now perform listing data entry for themselves. Not only has this allowed them to enter listings and changes into the MLS system anytime of the day or night, it has also helped them to ensure that all required fields have been provided to Realcomp (resulting in fewer MLS fines).

Based on this established trend and in keeping with our philosophy to never subsidize the cost of one service to pay for another, beginning Monday, June 2, 2014, our Listing Data Entry service will become chargeable at the following rates:
  • $10.00 to enter a new listing
  • $ 5.00 to process a listing change
When these services are utilized, the above data entry fees will be billed directly to the listing agent.

To enter listings and/or listing changes into RCO3®, you can begin by clicking the "Input" tab, which appears near the top middle of the home screen. To learn how to enter listings into the system, you may want to watch our brief video on this topic.

Alternatively, if you'd like to receive hands-on training on how to enter listings into the system, we do cover this topic in the following Realcomp classes:
  • RCO3® for New Subscribers
  • Front-Office Training for Office Assistants
Please feel free to register for any one of these classes to see an in-person demonstration. If you do not currently have access to input listings into RCO3® based on company policy, you may need to submit your listings to your office administration to avoid incurring listing data entry charges. Please see your Broker or Office Manager to determine whether this is an option for you.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact Realcomp's Customer Care Department at (866) 553-3430.




Our goal of entering all new listings received before 3:00 p.m. on the same day (Monday-Friday) will continue.

To ensure your listing or change is completed promptly, always double check the listing or change before faxing it to us. Listings CANNOT be entered (the system will not accept the listing) without the following information:
  • Listing Type
  • Price
  • Commission
  • Ownership Status
  • Short Sale "Y" or "N"
  • Office/Agent I.D.#
  • Expiration Date
  • Address
  • Room Dimensions

Note: These fields are mandatory for listings that are listed and sold the same day.

Most of the fields on the listing profile form are required for completion and are marked as such. Unless a particular field does not apply to the property (i.e. Body of Water would not apply to a property in Oak Park), it's required to be submitted to Realcomp.

Any listing that is missing information is designated as an ‘Incomplete Listing’ in the remarks section of the listing when it's entered into the system.

Realcomp's policy regarding correcting an incomplete listing requires that the original listing profile form be re-faxed with the incomplete/missing information filled in and circled and with the MLS# at the top of the listing form. This procedure immediately identifies it as an incomplete listing so that the property will not be duplicated in the system and can be corrected in a timely manner. If an incomplete listing is corrected within 24 hours in the correct procedural fashion, all fines originally assessed will be waived.

When making a change to a listing with a status change form, it is crucial that the correct MLS number and address are visible and legible on the change form. This will ensure that the change will be done accurately, thereby showing in the system with the correct information. If several changes need to be made in the remarks section, it is suggested that a printout of the listing be sent with the changes made on it, or a profile form with the MLS number, address and remarks only. It is also strongly recommended that the entire remarks section be printed or typed exactly the way you want it to appear.

The list date field should clearly state the date you wish for the listing to commence. The MLS shall accept Exclusive Office Listings that are never to be published. In this case, the listing profile form does not need to be sent to the MLS. ONLY a letter signed by the seller(s) is required.

Bonus - a bonus (over and above the compensation) offered to the selling participant, should be explained in detail in the remarks section of the listing, as well as including the Bonus feature which appears under "Comp Arrangements".  In order to have a bonus published, it must be offered to the Selling Office or Selling Broker. Also, it must specify whether the bonus will be paid for accepted price and terms (AP&T) or full price and terms (FP&T).

Follow these simple instructions and you are sure to have a quick sale.


Last modified:  Saturday, September 26, 2015