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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
RCO3® Support Documents

Activating Auto-Emails in RCO3®
Accessing Recent Searches 
► Adding a Contact 
Adding Documents to a Listing - See tip sheet for removing documents below
Auto-Emails (Prospecting Feature in RCO3®)
Changing Your Information
Concierge Mode
Correcting the Map Location on Your Listing
Custom Speed Bar Shortcuts
Consumer Portal Help - This document is available from the "Help" tab of the consumer portal. 
Consumer Portal Welcome Message - This suggested welcome verbiage can be copied and pasted into your portal greeting. 
Copy a Listing
Customizing Your Search Screen
Difference between Status and Change Type
Driving Directions
► Editing Your Grid Single Line Report
E-mail History
Entering Search Criteria on RCO3®
E-mailing Listings
E-mailing a Seller's Disclosure as an Editable document
Exporting Search Results
Generating IDX Search Links
► Getting Started with RCO3®
Hot Sheets
Long-Term Pending Listing Procedure
Open Houses - Entering an Open House for Your Listing
Open Houses - Searching for Open Houses
Photo Upload Management
Removing Documents from a Listing - See tip sheet for adding documents above
Saving a Search
Saving Frequently Used Criteria 
Speed Bar Tip Sheets
Teams: Managing Team Settings
Top FAQS and Answers about RCO3









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MLS Support Documents

MLS Items

MLS-related facts, tips, etc.

67 Words to Exclude from Listings

UPDATED JUNE 13TH: It is important for Realcomp Subscribers to abide by Fair Housing rules and not use any words in listings that could be considered discriminatory.

Activities an Unlicensed Assistant Can Perform

An excerpt from the state's website

Adobe Reader Troubleshooting for Online Forms

Adobe Reader Troubleshooting for Online Forms

Agent-Direct Billing

Below are commonly asked Questions and Answers regarding Realcomp's Agent-Direct billing service.

Agent-Direct Billing: Broker Information

This page contains Broker-specific billing information.

Appraiser Memo Regarding Data for 1004 MC Form

Appraiser Memo Regarding Data for 1004 MC Form Document

Authorizations to Release

Authorizations to Release, Re-List, and Transfer Transactions

Beware of Real Estate Scams

Realcomp periodically receives information on real estate scams from Realcomp customers who have either been affected by these scams or know others who have been victimized. The best tools for protecting yourself against these types of schemes include being aware that they exist & exercising caution.

Buyer Fees to be Disclosed in Remarks

Realcomp's MLS policies include the requirement to disclose buyer fees in remarks.

CASS Certification Forms

Bulk Mailing Forms

Delete Cookies

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, select the following options for deleting cookies:

Efficiency Units Defined

What does Number of Efficiencies mean on the multi-family form?...

How to Resize a Photo in Microsoft Paint

Steps for resizing a photo in Microsoft Paint

GoTo Assist Authorization Page

Listing Profile Forms

Listing Profile Forms

Long-Term Pending Listing Procedure

Long-term pending listing procedure, steps to follow to avoid being fined

Manufactured Homes

In October, 2009, the Realcomp Board of Governors approved a recommendation from the MLS User Committee to require MLS Subscribers to disclose "manufactured" homes on listings. As such, Realcomp's policy handbook now includes the following verbiage: "H. Only those listings for mobile and/or manufactured homes, that are conveyed by the Manufactured transference of a deed will be published by the MLS. If a home is “manufactured” then this Homes information must be disclosed on the listing by selec

MLS Areas

MLS Areas

MLS Policies and Rules

Access the most up-to-date version of Realcomp's MLS Policy Handbook and Rules & Regulations documents.

Office Assistant Access Document

Realcomp II Ltd. has received many requests for expanded Office Assistant access to the MLS system. Based on this, the Realcomp II Ltd. Board of Governors recently voted to update Realcomp's policy regarding this access to make it more secure and equitable to all offices. The new policy, scheduled to take effect in June, 2012, makes all MLS Subscribing offices eligible to receive at least one (1) free Office Assistant account. Offices with 10 or more Subscribers are eligible to receive up to two

Online Forms Freezing - Troubleshooting Tips

Are you experiencing trouble while in Transaction Desk with your online forms freezing up on "saving data, please wait", "printing", or after clicking "submit to realcomp"?

Prepare for the Call

Information We May Ask of You

Prohibited Personal Information

Personal information (i.e. phone numbers, fax numbers, pager numbers, e-mail addresses, names, web URLs, open house model hours, etc.) is prohibited in the content of listings, photos, and/or virtual tours published in the MLS with the exception of the Agent Remarks field.

REO Broker Tips

These tips were submitted by one of our REO broker members. He says these simple steps would help to reduce challenges that occur in his office on a regular basis and expedite the offer process overall for many.

Reporting Violations

All MLS Subscribers of Realcomp are required to comply with Realcomp's MLS Rules, Regulations, and Policies as a condition of accessing and/or using the MLS.

System Maintenance

Realcomp Performs System Maintenance

Taxes in the MLS

Understanding How Taxes are Updated in the MLS - As you may know, Realcomp has been providing Public Record Data (PRD) (including tax information) to REALTOR® subscribers as a value-added service for many years now.

Twitter Tip Sheet

Tips to help you get started with Twitter: To make getting started with Twitter easy and convenient for you, we’ve consolidated some tips into one easy to access document.

YouTube for Virtual Tours

YouTube for Virtual Tours

RCO3® Documents