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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Realcomp Mobile®

Access the MLS via your handheld wireless device. Realcomp's MLS technology (implemented in Nov. '12), is fully compatible with today's mobile technology. From Apple products to Droids, Realcomp Subscribers can access the MLS with any number of technology platforms and browsers. To access the new MLS system, users need only go to and enter your Realcomp Agent ID and Password.



Upon entering your login information and choosing RCO3®, you'll have the option of accessing Realcomp Mobile® or the RCO Desktop site (a link for this appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). Realcomp Mobile® is the version of the MLS system that has been formatted to fit smaller device screens -- without any downloading of software. The RCO Desktop link enables you to access the full MLS system, which is formatted for computer screens.

Realcomp Mobile® offers agents a quick and easy way to access the MLS and Public Records while on the go. Built for simplicity and speed, the mobile product provides a host of functionality, including the speed bar, news, searches, My RCO options, carts, hot sheets, & more.

Searches include the following property categories and other options: Residential (and Condominium), Commercial, Vacant Land, Multi-Family, Cross Property, Public Record Data (PRD), Agent, Office, & Open Houses. For each property, you can access photos, maps, Showing Time options, and more.


  • Realcomp Mobile® is a core service for Realcomp Subscribers – available at no additional cost. Please contact your airtime carrier to either verify or make arrangements for obtaining Web services for your access plan.
  • With Realcomp Mobile®, a special application is not necessary. Just bookmark the site for quick and easy return visits to it!
  • Fully compatible with today’s smart phone technology– MLS Subscribers can access with any number of Apple and Droid Internet-enabled products, regardless of platform or browser being used.
  • Access MLS properties that are listed and those that aren’t through the Public Record Database (PRD) option.
  • Gain quick access to your contacts, saved searches, auto-emails, and listings (through the MY RCO menu item).
  • Access the 15 most recent searches you’ve performed through this handy mobile link.
  • E-mail listings on the spot with ease to contacts you’ve stored in Realcomp or those outside this database. 
  • Drop listings into shopping carts for future access or quickly access those already in carts conveniently from the road.
  • Easily plot any property on a map for a quick overview of where the property is located.
  • Locate agent, office, or open house information quickly and easily from your mobile office.


  • Realcomp Mobile® can be accessed through Realcomp’s Clareity Security software by clicking the RCO logo from your mobile device.


  • As with all products integrated with the Realcomp MLS, Realcomp provides support on the Realcomp Mobile® product. Please call us at (866) 553-3430 or e-mail us at if you have any questions about it.


Last modified:  Wednesday, October 02, 2013 


Products & Services

Services & Products

10 Benefits of Public Record Data

Realcomp's Public Record Data (PRD) is the single source for all 68 counties in Michigan's Lower Peninsula!

Assistant Access for Office Assistants

Assistant Access for Unlicensed Personal Assistants

Assistant Access for Unlicensed Personal Assistants

Cloud CMA Compatibility

Realcomp has signed a contract with W&R Studios to integrate MLS data from Realcomp with the Cloud CMA software to make CMAs more complete for REALTOR® Subscribers of both services. Cloud CMA is an online report generator that allows real estate professionals to create comprehensive, informative, personalized, and eye-catching reports for their buyers and sellers.

Computer Clinic

Realcomp II Ltd. provides “computer clinic” services on site at Realcomp II Ltd. consisting of equipment counseling and troubleshooting regarding Realcomp supported software at a fee of $60.00 per hour.

CoreLogic MLS Data Co-op

Realcomp is pleased to make the CoreLogic MLS Data Co-op available to MLS Subscribers! MLS Data Co-Op from CoreLogic® Market Linx® provides new tools, new reports, and a new way to access MLS listings. MLS Data Co-op features an innovative map-based interface that delivers a wealth of property information, and you’ll be happy to know it works on most popular browsers and platforms including Apple® Mac® and iPad™ products.

Data Access & Syndication

Realcomp provides easy access and control of MLS Data to it's broker subscribers.

Data Coverage

Realcomp's Data Coverage

DataMaster Compatibility

Realcomp is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with DataMaster to allow DataMaster to integrate with Realcomp. DataMaster is an appraisal tool that will import Realcomp data directly into your appraisal software.

Data Sharing

Realcomp Sharing Data for the Benefit of Realcomp REALTORS

Data Sharing-Out of State Organizations

Realcomp Sharing Data for the Benefit of Realcomp REALTORS - Out of State Organizations

Down Payment Resource

Electronic Signatures

Realcomp Adds Electronic Signatures - Authentisign Now a Benefit ti Realcomp REALTORS® at No Additional Cost

Homes Connect Marketing Suite

Homes Connect Marketing Suite

IDX Service

This page will be periodically updated to assist website vendors and brokers accessing IDX data. New information regarding Realcomp's IDX program will always be posted here first.

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) for Brokers

Internet Data Exchange Services

Instanet Forms - Online Document Storage

Instanet Forms are available to all Realcomp Subscribers as a core service and allow you to save time, money, and resources while improving efficiencies -- at no additional cost. This online forms functionality is integrated with the MLS system and is available for access 24 hours per day.

Interested in Switching to Instanet Forms?

Offices Considering Using Instanet Forms Have Asked these Questions...

Listing Data Entry Service

Important details regarding Realcomp's Listing Data Entry Service...

Listing Input

Our new Listing Input program provides you with access to add or change your listings 24-hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Check with your Broker to see if Listing Input is available for agents in your office.

Listing Submission Service

Learn how Michigan REALTORS can submit their listings to Realcomp.

Market Snapshot Compatibility

Realcomp has signed a contract with Top Producer to make the Market Snapshot software compatible with Realcomp MLS data and rules & regulations. This gives Realcomp MLS Subscribers an option for effortlessly connecting with early stage leads, and staying in touch with current and past clients. for REALTORS

10 Great Reasons to Promote to Your Customers and Clients! for Consumers

Are you a consumer in need of a REALTOR® or a great website that features accurate and up-to-date listing information for properties that are currently on the market? If so, you've come to the right place!

Public Record Data

We've Laid the Groundwork and Set the Standard - Realcomp's Public Record Data (PRD) Coverage Includes the Entire Lower Peninsula!

RealcompMLS App

RealcompMLS App

Realcomp PRD Update Status Report

Realcomp Public Record Data Update Status Report


RCO3® Launch & Gateway Information:


It's back-to-school time! Make it your goal to learn about new ways to grow your business. To help you out, Realcomp has teamed up with RETechnology, an educational resource exclusively for real estate professionals. This subscribers-only website is now available to all Realcomp Subscribers at no additional cost.

Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS)

Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS)

Realcomp Mobile

Access the MLS via your handheld wireless device. Realcomp's MLS technology (implemented in Nov. '12), is fully compatible with today's mobile technology. From Apple products to Droids, Realcomp Subscribers can access the MLS with any number of technology platforms and browsers.


Realcomp Subscribers now have access to Realist, a second source of public record data integrated with Realcomp Online®!

REALTOR Etiquette and Professional Courtesies Book

In conjunction with our business plan initiatives and those of our Shareholder Boards & Associations to promote standards of professional action among MLS Subscribers and REALTOR® members, and to also promote a positive perception of REALTORS® among consumers, Realcomp is pleased to bring these REALTOR® Etiquette & Professional Courtesies tips to you.

RPR-The Realtors Property Resource

Realcomp is pleased to make the Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) available to MLS Subscribers! RPR will provide NAR’s REALTOR® members access to a national database of robust information which will give REALTORS® the greatest access to nationwide property information needed to best serve their clients and customers.

Short Sale Assistance Desk

Short Sale Assistance Desk Information

ShowingTime for the MLS

ShowingTime for the MLS (formerly named Showing Assist) is an MLS system add-on tool that Realcomp provides to our MLS Subscribers that helps real estate professionals schedule showings online to save them from unnecessary phone calls and busy work.

ShowingDesk Web Edition

ShowingDesk Web Edition is ShowingTime's showing appointment and call tracking software designed for real estate offices. Now available to Realcomp Brokers (and Agents) with Realcomp picking up the tab!

Transaction Management

Looking for more ways to go "green", save time & money, and improve the overall buying or selling experience of your customers? Read how Transaction Management can help you accomplish these business goals!

Virtual Office Websites (VOW)

A (VOW) “Virtual Office Website” is a participant’s Internet website, or a feature of a participant’s website, through which the participant is capable of providing real estate brokerage services to consumers with whom the participant has first established a broker-consumer relationship where the consumer has the opportunity to search MLS listing information, subject to the participant’s oversight, supervision, and accountability.