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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Tip sheets & videos for RCO3 and Its Integrated Systems

Auto Emails & Contacts
Adding a Contact
Auto Emails  (Emailing Automatic Property Updates to Your Clients)
Auto Emails - Concierge Mode
Client Portal Notifications for Agents
Consumer Portal Tip Sheet
How to Create Brand New Auto Emails in RCO3® - Video
How to Manage Your Auto Emails in RCO3® - Video


Emailing in RCO3®
Emailing Hit Counters
Emailing Listings
History of Your Sent Emails


Searching in RCO3®
Accessing Your Recent Searches
Custom Speed Bar Shortcuts
Customizing Your Search Screen - Adding & Removing Additional Fields
Customizing Your Search Screen - Saving Frequently-Used Criteria
Difference between Status and Change Type
Entering Search Criteria in RCO3®
How to Manage Saved Searches in RCO3® - Video
How to Create and Save Your Favorite Appraisal Search - Video
Saving a Search
Searching by Address, Street Name, or MLS Number - Tip Sheet
Searching by Address or Street Name with the Speed Bar - Video
Searching by Address, Street Name or MLS Number using wild cards in RCO3 - Slideshow
Searching by Map in RCO3® - Video
Searching for Open Houses
Tips and Tricks for Using the RCO3® Speed Bar - Video
Using INRIX™ DriveTime in Your Search


Searching in RCO3® - Displays & Exports
Creating a Custom Display
Creating a Custom Export
Driving Directions, How To Use
Editing Your Grid Single Line Report
Exporting Search Results


Listing Input
Adding Documents to a Listing
Copying a Listing
Correcting the Map Location on Your Listing
Entering an Open House on Your Listing
How to Enter a Listing in RCO3® - Video
Long-Term Pending Listing Procedure
Photos - How to Upload and Manage Photos on Your Listing
Removing Documents from a Listing


IDX & Listing Syndication
Generating IDX Search Links
Making Your Syndication Selections - for Designated REALTORS®/Broker Owners


Updating Your Information
Changing Your Information (Email Address, Phone Numbers, etc.)
Uploading Your Photo to RCO3® Agent Search/Roster


General RCO3® Tip Sheets & Videos
Creating a CMA
Frequently Asked Questions about RCO3®
Getting Started with RCO3®
Hot Sheets
How to Create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Using a Map Search - Video
Teams: Managing Team Settings


W&R Studios (Cloud Products)
Cloud CMA Lead Generation Tip Sheet
Cloud MLX Search Cheat Sheet


How to Send Automatic Weekly Reports to Your Seller


Sharing Listing Documents through ShowingDesk Web Edition
ShowingTime App - How to Install


Authentisign - Using Authentisign in the New TransactionDesk Interface - Video
Authentisign - Frequently Asked Questions
Authentisign - Tip Sheets for Agents (Using Authentisign for Electronic Signatures)
Authentisign - Tip Sheet for Consumers
Creating Online Transactions in the New TransactionDesk Interface - Video
Document Slicer and Markup Tools in Transaction Desk - Video
How to Set up Transactions Online and use Authentisign - Video
Key Tips to Guide You in Navigating the New TransactionDesk Interface
TransactionDesk Settings - Video


MLS Support
How to Pay your Realcomp Bill Online


Remine Training Video


 Last Modified: Monday, March 5, 2018