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Sunday, October 17, 2021
What's My Home Really Worth?


That’s a question many potential buyers are asking themselves right now. Really want to know? Ask a Realcomp REALTOR®.

Realcomp REALTORS® have access to Michigan’s largest Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the necessary data-related sources and tools to help you determine this.

We know there are plenty of automated valuation models (AVMs) on the Internet today that provide consumers with WAGs (wild audacious guesses). But, when is the last time those AVMs have talked with you in person, toured your home, and provided you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) based on important property details only you can share? That is what we thought – “never”. Let’s face it, although they’re good, AVMs don’t understand everything there is to know about your home.

Why a “Realcomp” REALTOR®?

Realcomp II Ltd. is proud to be Michigan’s largest Multiple Listing Service delivering cutting-edge, real-time MLS data services, support, & training to nearly 15,000 real estate professionals. In short, Realcomp REALTORS® have the data and the answers you need. REALTORS® are not only skilled in deciphering listing data and trends, they’re expert negotiators. Who better to represent you in possibly the biggest transaction of your lifetime?

Realcomp’s Mission:

Driven by integrity, Realcomp delivers great data to empower REALTORS® to achieve results.

Realcomp not only collects, cleanses, maintains, and polices the data used by our subscribers, we also provide mechanisms for them to easily share listing data with "the world". This includes syndication to the largest of the third party real estate portals (i.e.,, and more). See the connection? The best quality data promoted through these public websites usually originates with REALTOR® subscribers and MLS organizations like Realcomp!

Find a Realcomp REALTOR® now through our public search site;, and get an accurate answer to your question.

Last Modified: Monday, March 19, 2018 


10 Reasons Why More Michigan REALTORS Subscribe to Realcomp!

10 Reasons Why More Michigan REALTORS Subscribe to Realcomp!

About Realcomp and Its Shareholders

About Realcomp and Its Shareholders

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Is a Career in Real Estate for You?

Is a Career in Real Estate for You? A Guild to Becoming a REALTOR.

Is Your Realtor a Realcomp REALTOR?

Is Your Realtor a Realcomp Realtor? Working with a REALTOR® is SMART. Working with a Realcomp REALTOR® is SMARTER!

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Realcomp II Ltd. is proud to be a REALTOR®-owned Multiple Listing Service that delivers first-rate data services, support, & instruction to the real estate industry. Realcomp is owned by eight (8) prominent Boards/Associations of REALTORS® in Southeast Michigan. Subscriptions to Realcomp are processed through our owners, these Shareholder Boards/Associations.

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Realcomp is owned by the following eight (8) Boards/Associations of REALTORS®. Each one offers unique services that help brokers, agents, & appraisers reach their professional goals. Please contact them to learn more about these offerings, including those related to the enforcement of the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and how they can be of benefit to you in your business!

What’s My Home Really Worth?

What’s My Home Really Worth?