Realcomp Training Services

Realcomp is pleased to offer FOUR (4) types of training services to MLS Subscribers to make your MLS learning comprehensive, convenient, and readily available.



Hands-On Classes - Held at Realcomp* in our training room that offers 24 work stations and an overhead projection system.

To access Realcomp's class offerings (class topics and descriptions) and/or register for an upcoming hands-on training session, please follow these steps.

*Realcomp also periodically offers off-site training at various training facilities throughout Southeast Michigan. Feel free to ask us when and where these will be held.

To make the most out of your learning experience, please view our Progression of Classes tip sheet.


Online Videos - Watch prerecorded webinars and videos, which can be selected from the menu at the right, on topics such as RCO3, Showing Time for the MLS, Docs+, and more.

Don't see the topic you need? Visit Realcomp's YouTube channel and the channels we follow. You will see that we have linked to the channels of our vendor partners there.


Individual Tip Sheets - Step-by-step instruction sheets to assist subscribers with using the many functions and features available through RCO3 and its integrated systems.

Tip Sheets for RCO3 and its Integrated Systems


Live Webinars – Join us for live webinars conducted each month on various topics by Realcomp trainers.

Click here for Upcoming Webinars.

Have a Training Need that's Not Addressed Above?

Let us know. Contact our Training Department at (248) 553-3430, option #4 and let us know how we can help.

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Down Payment Resource

Online learning aids for Down Payment Resource

How to Register for Realcomp's Hands-On Classes

Instructions for registering for Realcomp's Hands-On Classes


Online Learning Aids for LionDesk

RCO3 Tip Sheets for Appraisers

RCO3 Tip Sheets for Appraisers

RCO3 Tip Sheets for Assistants

RCO3 Tip Sheets for Assistants

RCO3 Tip Sheets for New Subscribers

RCO3 Tip Sheets for New Subscribers


Online Learning Aids for RCO3®

Realcomp Data Dictionary

Realcomp Data Dictionary V2

REALTOR Etiquette and Courtesies Video

REALTOR Etiquette and Professional Courtesies Video

Room Rentals

Training and Presentation Room Rentals

ShowingTime Products

Online Learning Aids for ShowingTime Products

Tip Sheets and Videos

Tip Sheets and Videos for RCO3 and It's Integrated Systems

Electronic Signing a of a Document Through Authentisign for Consumers

Using Authentisign for Electronic Signings

Training Manuals

Training Manuals

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

Homesnap Webinar Calendar

Homesnap Webinar Calendar

RPR Webinar Calendar

RPR Webinar Calendar