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Sunday, October 17, 2021
Tip sheets & videos for RCO3 and Its Integrated Systems

Auto Emails & Contacts
Adding a Contact
Auto Emails  (Emailing Automatic Property Updates to Your Clients)
Auto Emails - Concierge Mode
Client Portal Notifications for Agents
Consumer Portal Tip Sheet
How to Create Brand New Auto Emails in RCO3® - Video
How to Manage Your Auto Emails in RCO3® - Video


Emailing in RCO3®
Emailing Hit Counters
Emailing Listings
History of Your Sent Emails


Searching in RCO3®
Accessing Your Recent Searches
Custom Speed Bar Shortcuts
Customizing Your Search Screen - Adding & Removing Additional Fields
Customizing Your Search Screen - Saving Frequently-Used Criteria
Difference between Status and Change Type
Entering Search Criteria in RCO3®
How to Manage Saved Searches in RCO3® - Video
How to Create and Save Your Favorite Appraisal Search - Video
Saving a Search
Searching by Address, Street Name, or MLS Number - Tip Sheet
Searching by Address or Street Name with the Speed Bar - Video
Searching by Address, Street Name or MLS Number using wild cards in RCO3 - Slideshow
Searching by Map in RCO3® - Video
Searching by Room Size in RCO3® - New
Searching by the Grouped Appliance Options in RCO3® - New
Searching for a First Floor Master Bedroom - New
Searching for Open Houses
Tips and Tricks for Using the RCO3® Speed Bar - Video
Using INRIX™ DriveTime in Your Search


Searching in RCO3® - Displays & Exports
Creating a Custom Display
Creating a Custom Export
Driving Directions, How To Use
Editing Your Grid Single Line Report
Exporting Search Results


Listing Input
Adding Documents to a Listing
Copying a Listing
Correcting the Map Location on Your Listing
Entering an Open House on Your Listing
How to Enter a Listing in RCO3® - Video
Long-Term Pending Listing Procedure
Photos - How to Upload and Manage Photos on Your Listing
Removing Documents from a Listing
Virtual Tours - How to Use YouTube to Create an Unbranded Video - New


IDX & Listing Syndication
Generating IDX Search Links
Making Your Syndication Selections - for Designated REALTORS®/Broker Owners


Updating Your Information
Changing Your Information (Email Address, Phone Numbers, etc.)
Uploading Your Photo to RCO3® Agent Search/Roster


General RCO3® Tip Sheets & Videos
Creating a CMA
Frequently Asked Questions about RCO3®
Getting Started with RCO3®
Hot Sheets
How to Create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Using a Map Search - Video
Teams: Managing Team Settings


W&R Studios (Cloud Products)
Cloud CMA Lead Generation Tip Sheet
Cloud MLX Search Cheat Sheet


Accessing Saved Searches Through Homesnap - New
Editing Listings in Homesnap - New
Sharing the Homesnap App - New
Sending Listings to Clients from Homesnap - New


How to Send Automatic Weekly Reports to Your Seller


Searching a Specific School District within a City in InfoSparks
Sharing Listing Documents through ShowingDesk Web Edition
ShowingTime App - How to Install
ShowingTime - How to Block Available Showings
ShowingTime Market View MLS Tip Sheet


Authentisign - Using Authentisign in the New TransactionDesk Interface - Video
Authentisign - Frequently Asked Questions
Authentisign - Tip Sheets for Agents (Using Authentisign for Electronic Signatures)
Authentisign - Tip Sheet for Consumers
Creating Online Transactions in the New TransactionDesk Interface - Video
Document Slicer and Markup Tools in Transaction Desk - Video
How to Set up Transactions Online and use Authentisign - Video
Key Tips to Guide You in Navigating the New TransactionDesk Interface
TransactionDesk Settings - Video


MLS Support
How to Pay your Realcomp Bill Online


Remine Training Video
Sending the Remine App to Clients - New
Uploading Contacts to Remine - New


Remine Docs+
Adding Documents to a Listing on RCO3 Using Docs+ (For Assistants)
Impersonation in Remine
Refreshing a Forms Package
Removing Documents from a Listing
Sending a Seller's Disclosure
Setting up Packages
Uploading Documents in Docs+


 Last Modified: Thursday, June 24, 2021