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Monday, May 10, 2021
RCO3 Tip Sheets for New Subscribers

To assist you in learning the best ways to use the RCO3® MLS System, listed below are tip sheets that cover Realcomp's core systems and some questions that are typically asked by new subscribers. Additional tip sheets are also available. 

Searching in RCO3®
Entering Search Criteria in RCO3®
Searching by Address, Street Name, or MLS Number
Saving a Search


Auto (Automatic) Emails in RCO3®
Saving a New Auto Email - Sending Automatic Property Updates to Your Client


Emailing in RCO3®
Emailing Listings
History of Your Sent Emails


Updating Your Information
Changing Your Information (Email Address, Phone Numbers, etc.)
Uploading Your Photo to RCO3® Agent Search/Roster


Getting Started with RCO3®
Getting Started with RCO3®
Frequently Asked Questions about RCO3®


For additional tip sheets on using RCO3® and its integrated vendor systems, please click here. 

 Last Modified: Thursday, November 10, 2016


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RCO3 Tip Sheets for Appraisers

RCO3 Tip Sheets for Appraisers

RCO3 Tip Sheets for Assistants

RCO3 Tip Sheets for Assistants

RCO3 Tip Sheets for New Subscribers

RCO3 Tip Sheets for New Subscribers


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