Vacant Property Registration Ordinances
As you may know, municipalities around the state and across country are adopting Vacant Property Registration Ordinances (VPRO) to require owners of vacant homes to register their properties with the city and maintain a minimum level of compliance. Many municipalities in Michigan have enacted VPROs, and many more are currently proposing them. How can you stay informed of the VPRO status of the communities you work in?

Safeguard Properties of Cleveland, Ohio, the largest privately held field services company in the U.S., maintains a nationwide database of municipalities that have either enacted VPROs or are considering doing so.

Once you have accessed the database, click the "State" column heading/hyperlink to sort your results by state. (As of this writing, Michigan municipalities start approximately on page 11).

On the report you will see active links for applicable forms for each municipality, additional information on the ordinances, the fees, the statuses of the ordinances, dates enacted, etc.

You also have the option of saving/printing the full report as a PDF.

Important Note: To stay informed of VPROs being enacted by municipalities you work in, please be sure to continue to verify this type of information with your city, village, and township resources.

For additional information/resources focused on strengthening neighborhoods, you may want to visit


 Last Modified:  Tuesday, January 10, 2023
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Vacant Property Registration Ordinances

Vacant Property Registration Ordinances