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Brand new to Realcomp MLS Subscribers, Cloud MLX is now available from Realcomp’s login dashboard and is a clean and simple interface for performing listing searches against Realcomp’s MLS database.

Cloud MLX was created by W&R Studios, the maker of the Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams products, and is a modern front-end for quickly and easily searching MLS properties.

Adhering to the old “K.I.S.S.” principle, W&R’s Cloud MLX product now provides Realcomp Subscribers with a fresh intuitive tool for “surfing” the MLS while matching the simplicity of searches you and other consumers find on today’s public real estate portals.
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Cloud MLX features include:
  • A modern front-end MLS search interface
  • An interface that looks great on any device
  • Bigger property photos with “tap, swipe, and zoom” functionality
  • An intuitive search bar (i.e. similar to a Google search) that offers suggestions and allows you to enter natural language
  • Saved searches – simply name it and then “copy, view, or email” a public link of those search results to your client
  • Create a Cloud Stream if you choose to push listing updates, as they occur, to your client via text message
  • Find other MLS Subscribers quickly and easily and private message them
  • Access search results in any one of four (4) different views (i.e. “Card”, “Card with Map”, “List”, or “List with Map”)
  • Access integrated Great Schools and Walk Scores with listing views
  • Access integrated mapping features using the mapping button Cloud MLX mapping button
  • Access Realcomp’s integrated Mortgage Calculator
  • Group listings into “collections” for your clients – then share them through public links
  • Reference the “Search Cheat Sheet” using the question mark button Cloud MLX help button
  • Access several Advanced Search features through the expanded criteria button Cloud MLX menu
  • Upload an up-to-date photo of yourself to your Cloud MLX profile
  • Access built-in “Getting Started” videos from within the application

Cloud MLX benefits include:
  • Access a “K.I.S.S. compliant” interface for searching or leisurely “surfing” the MLS
  • Use your favorite device for searching and finding listings without experiencing compatibility issues
  • No “in-depth training” needed before using this product – just jump on and go! You’ll get the hang of it in no time (just like you did when learning to ride a bike).
  • This product is available to all Realcomp MLS Subscribers at no additional charge. It’s included in your Realcomp MLS Subscription. 
To begin using Cloud MLX, select the Cloud MLX option from the Partner Applications section of the Login Dashboard (shown below). Note: a one-time registration process will be required during each user’s initial use of the product.

Cloud MLX icon on Dashboard

Cloud MLX Support Resources – Including Getting Started Items:
Cloud MLX Getting Started Videos
Cloud MLX Getting Started Guide
Cloud MLS Search Cheat Sheet
Cloud MLX Support Center

 Last Modified: Sunday, August 28, 2016