How to Edit a Floor Plan

We have two ways of editing and fixing a floor plan, Quick Edit and Change Request.

On the Quick Edit tool, you can do a few minor changes like:

  • Fixed Furniture
  • Compass tool
  • Add element
  • Change Labels
  • Rotate Labels
  • Move labels
  • Resize text
  • Toggle on/off the dimensions
  • Add free text
  • In case you can't solve it on the Quick Edit tool, you can submit a Change Request so that the production team can change this for you. See the example requests below:

  • Add, change, or remove doors, windows, and furniture
  • Add a space you forgot or were unable to scan, for example, a garage, a room, or a balcony (Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of dimensions for areas that haven’t been scanned)
  • Structural changes, for example, changes in wall positions
  • How do I submit a Change Request?

    You can submit a Change Request through the order's page -> Actions -> Change request:

    After that, you can click on "New Request" add all necessary information and send.