Introducing IntraMatrix!

Realcomp is excited to offer this innovative data sharing feature, which is now available through our RCO3®/Matrix MLS system.

IntraMatrix enables Realcomp Subscribers to effortlessly tap into other Matrix systems of MLSs that have agreed to share MLS data with Realcomp, and vice versa. This not only enhances data accessibility for MLS Subscribers of each service but also expands listing access for their clients (through auto emails, etc.) and boosts the visibility of sellers' properties in both markets. Moreover, it opens up new referral avenues for MLS Subscribers with clients looking to invest in real estate within the markets of the data share partners.

Realcomp currently collaborates with FMLS of Georgia (Greater Atlanta) and the Miami SEF MLS of Florida through interstate data sharing agreements. We are excited about expanding our network of partners in the future.

To access IntraMatrix, login to Realcomp's RCO3/Matrix MLS system and choose More > Data Sharing > and the MLS system of your choice. There, you will be able to perform a variety of familiar Matrix functions.

* Please note that any features not related to MLS searching may have been disabled in the IntraMatrix offering of each partner.

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024