Public Record Data

We've Laid the Groundwork and Set the Standard - Realcomp's Public Record Data (PRD) Coverage Now Includes the Entire State!

Eighty Three. That’s the number of counties in Michigan, and the number of counties for which Realcomp provides the most complete public record database (PRD). Collected directly from municipalities by Core Logic, our public record database is accurate, standardized, and immediately available.

To view the dates each county was last updated with Tax and/or Deed information, as well as to see which counties provide Property Descriptive Data, click here to view the PRD Update Status Report.

The foundation has been set over the last two decades, with a proven system, ensuring you (and your customers) are the beneficiary of the state’s most comprehensive up-to-date PRD system.

Our PRD offerings include the following features and benefits, some of which are exclusive to Realcomp:

Unique to Realcomp

  Public Record Data (PRD) Features   Public Record Data (PRD) Benefits


1. Unique parcel-based system built for REALTORS that includes properties across the entire state of Michigan - 83 counties wide.


Find any property* located in the Entire State of Michigan.


2. Think consumers have access to more data than you through popular public sites? Find what they have and MORE through Realcomp's Public Record Databases.


Locate properties with Sheriff's Deeds or foreclosures that have recently sold outside of the MLS through our Public Record Databases. Locate these properties by municipality name, subdivision, zip code, or other desired criteria, and include them as comps in your next CMA.


3. One (1) system - multiple PRD interfaces from which to choose!


When you subscribe to Realcomp, you automatically receive access to four (4) different public record data interfaces - Realcomp's robust Public Record Data system, the Realist PRD interface (provided by Core Logic), the MLS Data Co-Op, and RPR. Use one or all of these interfaces based on your favorite search methods and/or preferred report formats.


4. Parcel data integrated with Realcomp's Multiple Listing Service Data, Photos, Maps, MLS Statistics, and Community Demographic Data.


When accessing PRD, click the hyperlink at the bottom of the page to view any MLS history on the property through Realcomp. Choose from the various PRD report options to view information about a property - including the property photo (when available), map, MLS statistics, & community demographic data.


5. Overlay for MLS area numbers and map coordinates on maps.


Quickly verify the MLS area number and map coordinates for a property with the map overlay tool.



6. Rooftop longitudes and latitudes used.


This feature makes our integrated maps extremely accurate.



7. Standardized City, Village, and Township Names across the state.


City, Village, and Township names entered and displayed in standard uniform way resulting in quick and accurate searches.


8. Standardized Subdivision Lists for Every County


Subdivision names entered and displayed in standard uniform way resulting in quick and accurate searches.



9. Standardized Street Names


Street names entered and displayed in standard uniform way resulting in quick and accurate searches.


10. Report Incorrect Data Feature


This enables users to report PRD issues to Realcomp, allowing us to investigate them and respond within 24 hours (during business days), and make the proper modifications for the information to display accurately in Realcomp.


11. Auto-Population Features (with Listing Load, Transactions, and Online Forms).


Automatically populate a new listing in the system, a new listing form, and all other forms related to the transaction with data that resides in Realcomp's databases. This saves you time and effort in no longer having to type(and retype) the same information repetitiously.



12. Public Record Database Started in 1995


Realcomp has been collecting public record data since 1995 - REALTORS® use this data to deepen their knowledge about real property in Michigan.


13. Up to Five (5) Years Tax History


Realcomp displays up to five (5) years tax history for every property; including summer and winter taxes (as they become available from the municipal providers).


14. PRD Update Status Report


Know when Realcomp last updated each county with the following types of data: land and tax, property descriptive, and deed updates by viewing this online status report.


15. Data Export/Mailing Label Function


Use the Realcomp database to market your services to home owners throughout Michigan's lower peninsula. Choose the property address or taxpayer address field. Export the data to a CSV file or an Avery 5160 format.



16. Sheriff's Deeds


Locate properties with Sheriff's Deeds by using Realcomp's PRD search.


17. Database Corrections Made


When data inaccuracies or typos are reported to Realcomp by MLS Subscribers, as long as we can verify the correct information, Realcomp will manually make the requested correction to the database that we maintain so it displays accurately for Realcomp users. That's where our "Report Incorrect Data" button comes in! How's that for service?

* Properties available are those that could be obtained from CVT sources electronically.

Public Record Data Testimonials:

"Makes things much easier when you're able to obtain all the information from one source"
Laurie Kominek (ABR)
American Associates, Inc.

"The PRD program that is part of Realcomp in invaluable to my day-to-day business operations. The data provided and the simplicity of use make this a program that I use daily. Please keep up the great work!"
 Jeffery R. Dawley CRS ABR
Associate Broker/President
Atlas Real Estate

"I use PRD all the time when showing houses to buyers. I always give my buyers the SEV of each home they see so they know the value the state considers it to be. It is very useful!"
Kristin Pavliscak
Real Living John Burt Realty

"I have been using Realcomps' PRD information for over 10 years. This is the best service available. Since all the counties have come online I cut my cost of fuel for stopping into municipal offices by 95%! Realcomp is always making my life as an appraiser easier. Thanks Realcomp....Keep up the good work!"
Craig S. Schmidt,RAA
Value One, Inc.

"I use PRD for all of my listings and prior to submitting all offers so that my clients and I know the important information provided in the PRD in Realcomp.  Can't imagine doing my business without it. Thank you!"
Anita Keefer Sane
Real Estate Market Specialist
Keller Williams Realty


Last modified:  Wednesday, October 19, 2022