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Saturday, January 22, 2022


As the leading MLS tax product for more than 25 years, the next generation Realist is continuing its position as the most trusted and innovative solution by providing robust, feature-driven functionality. Realist combines public record data and MLS listing content, which allows for seamless delivery of in-depth property data and local market information.



► View Active, Pending, Sold and/or Expired Listings

► Hover over parcels to display property details, listing photos and listing data

► Display Sales, Foreclosures and Listings side by side

► Use thematic mapping to spot opportunities and explain market conditions to consumers



► Quickly search by owner name, address or APN/Tax ID/Folio

► Address Suggest use when an exact address match is not found

► Search by property characteristics, foreclosures, and more



► Retrieve results in both a grid format and displayed on the map

► Sort and reorder data columns, hide rows, and manipulate data within the results grid

► Highlight and open property details from the map or results grid

► Instantly view/access reports without navigating from an existing map search



► Use a map to begin your search when an exact address is unknown

► Search using multiple polygon, rectangle, or radius-shaped drawing tools; edit, resize, reposition and save shapes to identify the search area

► Hover to display property details and listing photos when available



► Pinpoint market trend information through thematic mapping (median sale price, median home value, sales activity, median square foot cost, etc.)

► Spot Active, Pending, Sold and/or Expired listings side-by-side with homes in foreclosure and bank owned properties to get a complete market snapshot

► Identify various boundary points on the map including: school district, neighborhood boundaries, city, zip code, and more

► Print and email map images complete with the drawn shapes, property information and annotations



► Seamless integration between results and the map

► Search results are presented in a dynamic grid that supports sorting, column reordering, hide/display columns, movable

rows, narrowing of columns, etc.



Reports are the backbone of Realist. With more report options and a professional design that is "market ready" for your consumers, MLS users become dependent on the output. The reports contain easy to read graphs and charts providing a complete visual perspective on a property and its local area. This powerful information allows users to quickly disseminate information and identify what key facts to share with their buyers and sellers.

New & Enhanced Reports

► Professional look and feel that's easy to read and comprehend

► Designer-quality reports combine MLS listing photos and data as well as map imagery, charts, graphs and a user-defined cover page

► Buyers/sellers are able to visualize broad information and explore sections further if interested

 Choose from several reports, including:

  • Property Detail
  • Comparables
  • Market Trends
  • Foreclosure Activity
  • MLS Listing
  • Nearby Neighbors
  • Neighborhood Profile
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

User Options

► Choose to either print or email a report in PDF format — allows you to save all correspondence in a CRM or Document Manager

► Personalize report cover letters with Agent provided information including photos, logos and contact information

► Differentiate report layouts for on-screen, print, or email use

► Select from either quick print or professional quality to save ink through a simple user-configured print option


Last modified:  Wednesday, October 02, 2013