As the leading MLS tax product for more than 25 years, the next generation Realist is continuing its position as the most trusted and innovative solution by providing robust, feature-driven functionality. Realist combines public record data and MLS listing content, which allows for seamless delivery of in-depth property data and local market information.



► View Active, Pending, Sold and/or Expired Listings

► Hover over parcels to display property details, listing photos and listing data

► Display Sales, Foreclosures and Listings side by side

► Use thematic mapping to spot opportunities and explain market conditions to consumers



► Quickly search by owner name, address or APN/Tax ID/Folio

► Address Suggest use when an exact address match is not found

► Search by property characteristics, foreclosures, and more



► Retrieve results in both a grid format and displayed on the map

► Sort and reorder data columns, hide rows, and manipulate data within the results grid

► Highlight and open property details from the map or results grid

► Instantly view/access reports without navigating from an existing map search



► Use a map to begin your search when an exact address is unknown

► Search using multiple polygon, rectangle, or radius-shaped drawing tools; edit, resize, reposition and save shapes to identify the search area

► Hover to display property details and listing photos when available



► Pinpoint market trend information through thematic mapping (median sale price, median home value, sales activity, median square foot cost, etc.)

► Spot Active, Pending, Sold and/or Expired listings side-by-side with homes in foreclosure and bank owned properties to get a complete market snapshot

► Identify various boundary points on the map including: school district, neighborhood boundaries, city, zip code, and more

► Print and email map images complete with the drawn shapes, property information and annotations



► Seamless integration between results and the map

► Search results are presented in a dynamic grid that supports sorting, column reordering, hide/display columns, movable

rows, narrowing of columns, etc.



Reports are the backbone of Realist. With more report options and a professional design that is "market ready" for your consumers, MLS users become dependent on the output. The reports contain easy to read graphs and charts providing a complete visual perspective on a property and its local area. This powerful information allows users to quickly disseminate information and identify what key facts to share with their buyers and sellers.

New & Enhanced Reports

► Professional look and feel that's easy to read and comprehend

► Designer-quality reports combine MLS listing photos and data as well as map imagery, charts, graphs and a user-defined cover page

► Buyers/sellers are able to visualize broad information and explore sections further if interested

 Choose from several reports, including:

  • Property Detail
  • Comparables
  • Market Trends
  • Foreclosure Activity
  • MLS Listing
  • Nearby Neighbors
  • Neighborhood Profile
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

User Options

► Choose to either print or email a report in PDF format — allows you to save all correspondence in a CRM or Document Manager

► Personalize report cover letters with Agent provided information including photos, logos and contact information

► Differentiate report layouts for on-screen, print, or email use

► Select from either quick print or professional quality to save ink through a simple user-configured print option


Last modified:  Wednesday, October 02, 2013