What to Expect with Realcomp’s New Listing Add-Edit Module

When Realcomp’s new Listing Add-Edit module is launched, here are a few the improvements you can expect to see!

  • 1. Many new data fields and look-up values have been added to the listing data entry process. These have been added to:
    • Expand your options for describing property features and amenities,
    • Accommodate data coming to Realcomp from MLS Data Sharing partners,
    • Accommodate user suggested enhancements that have been approved by your MLS User Committee, and/or
    • Enable Realcomp to remain RESO (NAR’s Real Estate Standards Organization) compliant.
  • 2. The following listing statuses have been renamed:
    Listing Statuses
    Previous Status New Status
    Contingent-Continue to Show (CCS) Active Under Contract-CCS
    Partial Save Incomplete
    Sold Closed
    Conditionally Withdrawn (CWTH) Hold
    Unconditionally Withdrawn (UWTH) UWTH-Canceled
    Note: There has always been some confusion among MLS Subscribers regarding the last two statuses and what they mean (i.e., Can I market my services to the seller of a conditionally withdrawn listing? (No, the listing is still under contract). Or is it unconditionally withdrawn listings that I can market to? (Yes, as long as the listing does not show in the system as Canceled-Relisted). Hopefully, the renaming of these last two will help to clarify the statuses (i.e., Hold = the listing is On Hold with the Listing Broker, Canceled = the listing has been Canceled).
  • 3. You will also see that some lookup values have been renamed, combined, and/or relocated within the data entry workflow.

    Although most of the name reassignments are expected to need little to no explanation, two are mentioned below:
    Category/Group Previous Name New Name
    Ownership Status Private Owned Standard
    Rooms Master Bedroom Primary Bedroom
    One example of lookup values being combined and/or relocated is with Fireplace-related data. Here is what you will see in the new module:
    Category/Group Previous Group New Group
    EPA Certified Wood Stove Fireplace Fuel Fireplace Features
    Gas Fireplace Fuel Fireplace Features
    Living Room Fireplace Location Fireplace Features
    There are other reassignments similar to the ones noted above.

    ☞ Helpful Tip: Once the Add-Edit module is launched, we expect you will be able to go into the Docs+ module and print the newly formatted Realcomp profile forms (i.e., Res/Condo, Land, Commercial, etc.) and familiarize yourself with the new fields and lookup values and their locations within the data entry workflow.

    If you do not see a particular field or lookup value you have used in the past, know none have been eliminated. Just watch for it to appear later in the workflow under a newly assigned area.
  • 4. When you see an “i” circle icon next to a field or lookup value group, this is to let you know HELP information is available on that topic. When you have a question about that item, click the “i” button to see if it offers the assistance you need.
  • 5. You can continue to go to the Input section of RCO3® to access the listing data entry function. When the new Add-Edit module is implemented, the existing Input tab on RCO3® will automatically take you to Remine Pro. Once there, you will be able to access the new Add-Edit module from the left hand side of the Remine menu. You may be wondering if there’s a shortcut to go directly to the Add-Edit module (bypassing the Remine Pro step)? Not at this time. When you choose the Remine Pro option, among other things, the program pulls in all available content specific to you. When you choose the Add-Edit option, you will see your listing data. image of input menu in RCO3
  • 6. The new Add-Edit module offers an easy to use, intuitive wizard interface (rather than an index card-type of format) to step you through each section of the new data entry process. It also auto-populates some data into the listing for existing properties from public records, streamlining the entry of these fields when possible. Next and Back buttons allow you to navigate forward or backwards. image of first page of Remine Add-Edit input
  • 7. When entering a Residential for sale property, you will have the immediate option of selecting Condominium, Single Family Residence, or Stock Cooperative (Co-op). You will also see Residential Lease and Residential Income listed as sub-categories. What’s the difference between the two? Residential Lease is for single-family rentals. Residential Income is the new name for Multi-Family listings.
  • 8. The new Add-Edit module also displays green and red dots next to each section of property data (shown below), giving you an overview of the data that still needs to be provided and the fields that have been completed. A green dot indicates the field has been completed. A red dot indicates that field is incomplete and outstanding. This is meant to quickly show you the completion status of the new listing. image showing the red dot in the Create Listing page indicating incomplete and outstanding items
  • 9. Required fields are clearly marked with a red asterisk (shown below). If you try to bypass the required field, an alert will display on the screen notifying you of the requirement. FYI: No new fields have been added to Realcomp’s list of required fields. However, some data fields have been combined with others throughout the module. It will prompt you to address the required fields when applicable, if bypassed.image showing the red dot in the Create Listing page indicating incomplete and outstanding items
  • 10. When entering rooms, as in the current-previous system, you will need to enter the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and lavatories. image showing Total Bedrooms, Baths and Lavs fields Afterwards, you will also need to add each room to the listing and enter the following about them: room type, level, width, length, and flooring (as shown below). Tip: If you enter 3 bedrooms above, you will need to add 3 separate rooms below, including all the specifics for each one. The same goes for the bathrooms and lavatories. You’ll also be prompted to add a room and content on the kitchen.
  • 11. In the Financial section of the listing, MLS Subscribers must enter at least one of the 3 commission types (i.e., dollar sign-$, percentage sign-%, or other) and the amount that coincides with that type for any listing submitted to the MLS.

    Important Note: When entering a lease listing and conveying the commission, due to newer NAR requirements, it can NO LONGER be expressed as a fraction of the first month’s rent (i.e., “½ of the first month’s rent”—this is no longer allowed). The commission must be expressed as a specific number or percentage (i.e., 50% of the 1st month’s rent). image showing compensation entry
  • 12. You may now drag and drop your photos onto your listing when entering the listing into Realcomp. The module also supports larger 4K images, so there is less of a need for you to downsize them before uploading. image showing photo entry Photo Upload Tip: Once your listing has been uploaded to RCO3®, to add additional photos to it, go to the My RCO menu and the My Listings option to find your listing. There you will see an add-edit photo/manage photo option (in the links at the right) that appears on the My Listing grid display.

    You also have the option of performing basic photo editing tasks (i.e., crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, color saturation) with the new photo editor. Additional software will no longer be needed for this. Please note: When editing photos, the quality of the image on the screen may appear to degrade. The final image will not though.

    Another plus when it comes to photos in Add-Edit is that they can be easily titled or renamed. You may find this function to be a little more user-friendly than Realcomp’s current/previous module. image showing photo controls for brightness contrast and saturation
  • 13. You also have the option of inviting your photographer to upload the photos you have hired them to take directly to your listing (shown below). image showing invite photographer image showing invite photographer email entry image showing invite photographer email sent & share link
  • 14. Upload your disclosures and other documents to your listing through the Add-Edit module. Tip: Make starting a transaction for your listing one of the very first things you do to keep your listing tasks and activities organized from the get-go. image showing Upload Documents
  • 15. Online Integrated Profile Forms Coming: You will also have the option of entering a listing into Realcomp through a new online profile form that includes all fields and lookup values from the Add-Edit module (similarly to the profile forms that were available in TransactionDesk/Instanet). Note: If this feature is not available at launch time, it is expected to arrive soon afterwards. Stay tuned to learn more.

    Note: Not all of the MLS data being collected through the new Add-Edit process will appear right away in RCO3® (on listing displays or reports). Realcomp will focus on adding this data to RCO3® at a future date. However, the new data will be immediately available in the Remine system and will also appear in the Paragon system once that is made available to Realcomp users.
  • 16. Realcomp will discontinue incrementing the Days on Market (DOM) counter on any active listing when its status is changed to Accepting Backup Offers (ABO).

Last Modified: Monday, May 23, 2022

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What to Expect with Realcomp’s New Listing Add-Edit Module

What to Expect with Realcomp’s New Listing Add-Edit Module