CoreLogic Adds Down Payment Resource (DPR) to Listings in OneHome

We have great news! Down Payment Resource (DPR) has been integrated into Realcomp’s OneHome (consumer-facing) listing update platform. This addition was installed on OneHome just this morning (on Tuesday, January 9th).

The DPR resource widget (circled in red, below) now appears in OneHome, at the far-right hand side of the screen, after the user clicks the “See Programs” link.

DPR offers valuable information on down payment assistance, grants, affordable first mortgages, tax credits, and more throughout the home search process. It empowers agents and their clients to explore specific home ownership programs that potential buyers may qualify for, ultimately helping them save on down payments and closing costs. Furthermore, buyers can take it a step further and answer a few simple questions to determine their eligibility for these assistance programs.

For many first-time buyers without the equity from an existing home, saving money for a down payment has always been a significant hurdle in achieving home ownership. Discover how DPR can assist you and your buyers in finding programs that reduce the overall cost of buying a home. Don't miss out on this opportunity - explore it now conveniently through the OneHome consumer portal.

Last Modified: Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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January 2024

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CoreLogic Adds Down Payment Resource (DPR) to Listings in OneHome

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