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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Are Electronic Lockboxes Being Implemented in the Realcomp Marketplace?


Is ELB Usage Optional or Mandatory?


How Much Will the ELBs Cost Me (as a Realcomp MLS Subscriber)?


How Can I Learn How to Use the Electronic Lockboxes?

Frequently Asked Questions

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For several years, Realcomp's Shareholders researched the possibility of moving forward with offering electronic lockboxes to MLS subscribers. It has been determined that these boxes provide a much greater level of security than the mechanical combination boxes can provide.

Based on the security needs of home sellers and REALTORS®, the decision was officially made in Spring-2018 by Realcomp’s eight (8) Shareholder Boards and Associations for Realcomp to enter into an agreement with SentriLock to make their electronic lockbox (ELB) product available to MLS Subscribers.

Here are just a few benefits of the ELBs:

  • Today’s electronic lockboxes operate via smart phones and mobile devices using Bluetooth LE wireless protocol;

  • ELBs leverage the features of these devices including instant messaging, GPS mapping, and geo fencing integration with ShowingTime and other mobile apps.;

  • ELBs record and report the date, time, and the agent contact info for every showing;

  • Unauthorized showings are eliminated;

  • ELBs can send the listing agent an instant notification of the start of the showing, and another notification at the end of the showing;

  • ELBs can be programmed to operate only during the showing hours approved by the seller;

  • ELBs work in the most extreme ranges of weather;

  • ELBs operate on long life lithium batteries that last four (4) to five (5) years;

  • ELBs are assigned to the property address in the system creating a detailed and accurate record of all showings;

  • The listing agent can grant secure and audited one-day access codes to non-Realcomp subscribers. These accesses are under the control of the listing agent, are temporary, and are recorded.


Usage of the ELBs is optional but recommended for MLS Subscribers.


ELBs are available to Realcomp Subscribers at no additional cost beyond the current Realcomp User Fee. However, shipping and handling charges for mailing ELBs to MLS Subscribers at their office or home will apply. When mail orders are requested, the S & H charges must be paid for in advance of the ELB order being mailed.


Please go to the “Class Scheduler” module available from the login dashboard to access these sessions and to register for a session.

Last Modified: Thursday, December 5, 2019

Electronic Lockbox Central

Electronic Lockbox Central

Realcomp will be making Sentrilock Electronic Lockboxes (ELBs) available to our MLS Subscribers in December of 2018. This page contains important information about this new product launch that every MLS Subscriber (i.e. brokers, agents, appraisers, etc.) should familiarize themselves with in preparation it.

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