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How to Download and Install the App How to Assign or Remove a Lockbox
How to Generate a 1 Day Code How to Grant SentriConnect Access
How to view Access Logs How A Non-Realcomp Licensees Gets Setup with SentriConnect
How A Non-Realcomp Licensee Opens a Lockbox with SentriConnect How to Grant SentriConnect Access through the SentriKey website
How to Add Another SentriLock User to Your Team through the SentriLock Website
  1. From the Main Menu, Choose “Agent Team”.
  2. Select “Add Team Member”.
  3. Click the “Select” button next to the “Team Member” box.
  4. Choose your preferred search field (i.e. Last Name).
  5. In the “Search Value” field, enter the first few letters of your team member’s name, and click “Search”. (You will be able to add anyone from your office as a team member. To add someone from another office, please contact either Realcomp or SentriLock).
  6. Select the radial button in front of the SentriLock user you wish to add as a team member and click “Submit Changes”.
  7. That person’s name should now display in the “Team Member” field. Click “Save Changes”.
  8. To review the users who are now on your Team, go back to the “Main Menu” and select “Manage My Account”. Scroll down to the mid-portion of the page and you will see them listed under “My Team Members”.

Tip Sheets

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Electronic Lockbox Central

Electronic Lockbox Central

Realcomp will be making Sentrilock Electronic Lockboxes (ELBs) available to our MLS Subscribers in December of 2018. This page contains important information about this new product launch that every MLS Subscriber (i.e. brokers, agents, appraisers, etc.) should familiarize themselves with in preparation it.

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