This year, work smarter not harder by leveraging technology tools that impress clients and differentiate you from the competition. If you're not sure where to start, check out RE Technology, a newer Subscriber benefit from Realcomp.

 RE Technology is an educational resource designed to help real estate agents and brokers learn how to use and evaluate technology to "wow" your clients and increase your profits. Your subscription (available to Realcomp REALTORS® at no additional charge) gives you access to:

 ●      Daily educational articles and product reviews

●       Comprehensive product and company directories

●       The latest technology and industry news

●       Live educational webinars

●       ...and more!

This service, which normally costs $149.95/year, is offered to Realcomp Subscribers absolutely free of charge. Our goal is to help you find easy-to-use technology that works for you and your business--not technology you need to work at using. Learn how to leverage technology to increase your bottom line.  (Want a sample? See RE Technology's top articles from April 2015.)

Get Started One of Two (2) Ways:
Click the RETechnology “gadget” on the Realcomp Login Dashboard (under the “Realcomp Applications” section—scroll to the right to see it ) or click the RETechnology link (under the “Realcomp Links” section of the RCO3® home page). Then complete the one-time registration process. It’s that simple!


Quick-Reference Links:
How to Get Started Slide Deck - Just follow these simple steps
Customer/Press Release about Launch - Share with your associates


 Last Modified: Tuesday, May 12, 2015