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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Remine Add-Edit and Docs+ FAQs
  1. Why is Realcomp transitioning to Remine’s Add-Edit and Docs+ platform? Remine’s Add-Edit and Docs+ Transaction Management Platform was selected by Realcomp to replace the current Transaction Management offering to both modernize and simplify these programs and the processes involved for brokers and agents.
  2. Why did Realcomp choose the Remine Add-Edit and Docs+ platform? Realcomp sought to replace our existing benefit with a more streamlined, intuitive solution while continuing to meet the digital demands of our forward-driven MLS Subscribers. Remine has demonstrated their ability to evolve and innovate through the products they deliver. The transition should also help us to improve turn-around times on custom forms orders and overall support of these products for our customers. The Docs+ platform provides the following capabilities: transaction management, e-signature, document creation, multi-party collaboration, customizable form collections, form pre-population, broker forms and MLS clauses. Fully integrated with Realcomp, Docs+ will be the desired platform by Realcomp REALTORS® for negotiating and drafting contracts.
  3. How is Docs+ different than the Docs function in Remine Pro, which I already get through my Realcomp subscription? Docs, a lite version of Docs+, allows you currently to upload documents to the Remine platform and manage your electronic signings. Docs+ includes a library of Realcomp forms, standard forms, custom broker forms, and full transaction management capabilities.
  4. Will Realcomp provide training on the Remine Add-Edit and Docs+ platform? Yes, we will offer live and pre-recorded webinars on the new platform. These will be available through Realcomp’s Class Scheduler module, which appears on your Realcomp dashboard. Once available, these will be announced on the MLS system announcement screen.
  5. How will I access the Add-Edit and Docs+ platform? These will be available to you through the Remine program which you can access from your Realcomp dashboard. Each one will appear on the Remine menu, which appears on the far-left side of the home screen. Docs+ will be launched first. Add-Edit is expected to be available a few weeks later.
  6. Can I experiment with Docs+ before we officially transition to it? Yes. Just as soon as Docs+ becomes available for your use, we will be sure to let you know. Additionally, you can get started using the electronic signing tool in the current Remine Docs module anytime. This has been available to you for several months now.
  7. When will TransactionDesk be retired? We expect this to occur by September 30, 2021. We will keep you posted on additional dates just as soon as they are known.
  8. How will I get my transaction files out of TransactionDesk? Realcomp is are currently exploring our options for assisting you with this important task. We expect to have more to report on this subject in the coming weeks. You can always download copies of your transaction files from TransactionDesk whenever you wish.

    Here are a few options that are available to you:

    You can Archive a Transaction

    Upload to Cloud Storage

    Email yourself a collection of documents from one transaction saved as ZIP folder
    (Easier when there are multiple signings in a given transaction)

    Once you have saved your documents either to the cloud, emailed them to yourself or downloaded a zip folder to your device, you may then upload them to Docs+ if you wish. However, these will only appear as PDF documents.
  9. Can Realcomp automatically transfer my current transactions in TransactionDesk over to Docs+? We are checking into the feasibility of Realcomp doing this. Stay tuned for more information to come on this important topic.
  10. What happens if I start a transaction in TransactionDesk and it is still active at the time of Realcomp’s cutover to Docs+? We strongly suggest that you start using Docs+ for your transactions in advance of September 30, 2021. If you choose to continue using TransactionDesk in the weeks leading up to the September 30, 2021 deadline, please be sure to save PDF copies of your transactions (on your hard-drive or external storage device) so you don’t lose them at cut-over time.
  11. How do my clients and non-Realcomp REALTORS participate in my Docs+ transactions? Like most transaction and e-signature platforms, clients and non-users are able to review, edit and e-sign documents in Docs+. A Realcomp Subscriber with a Docs+ account will initiate the offer process in Docs+ and invite other agents and clients to participate in the transaction. Unlike most other platforms, the parties are able to collaborate seamlessly through an innovative cloud-based multiparty collaboration platform that tracks all edits, signatures and initials to ensure complete and clean contracts.
  12. Can a couple use the same email address for their electronic signings? No, in Remine’s Docs+ program, each signer needs to use their own unique email address.
  13. As a Realcomp REALTOR®, do I have to use Docs+? No. Your broker may provide an alternative forms vendor, but one of the benefits of your Realcomp MLS subscription is Docs+ access at no additional cost. Docs+ is replacing TransactionDesk/Authentisign as a subscriber benefit and primary forms vendor. This transition will not impact the availability of the Realcomp Standard Forms library in Dotloop, DocuSign, or Zipforms.
  14. Who should I contact when I have questions about Add-Edit or Docs+? Please contact Realcomp’s Customer Care Department at or by phone at (866) 553-3430 for support on these products, just like you do for any other products offered by Realcomp.
  15. Is my client’s confidential information that I upload to Docs+ secure? The privacy of our subscribers’ and their clients’ information is very important to us. Significant protections of this data are a part of the agreement negotiated between Realcomp and Remine, including contact information and transactional details of our MLS Subscribers and their clients.
  16. Will I be able to access the same forms through Docs+ that I have access to today? Realcomp has already reached out to our Shareholder Boards and Associations, Michigan REALTORS®, and Designated REALTORS®/Broker Owners to obtain updated copies of their current forms for the new platform. Based on this, we expect these forms to continue to be available to you through the new platform. Designated REALTORS®/Broker owners can submit their custom forms orders to Realcomp by completing and submitting the Remine Broker Form Request available from this website ( by choosing Links>DR/Broker Links>Remine Form Request.

    (Note: If your corporate office handles all decisions regarding forms used within your company, please consult with them before submitting any brokerage forms to Realcomp. Thank you.)
  17. For Custom Brokerage Form orders, will there be a cost to add these to Docs+ after February 14, 2021? We expect Remine will charge a fee for the service of adding custom brokerage forms to Docs+ after February 14, 2020. However, our goal is to have Brokers provide their custom form orders to us during the free period to avoid any charges at all. As more information becomes available on post-deadline processing of custom form orders, we will be sure to share it with you.
  18. Will Brokers and Admins have access to “impersonate” agents in Docs+ as they do today? Yes.
  19. Will Realcomp MLS Subscribers be able to auto-populate fields from the public record database into listing forms? Yes.
  20. Does the e-signature program in Docs+ work the same way it does in Authentisign? No. However, naturally, there are similarities.

Last Modified: Tuesday, March 23, 2021