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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Important January ELB Updates

Realcomp has exciting news for MLS Subscribers regarding our continued rollout of Electronic Lockboxes (ELBs) and related system integrations. Here is what is new at Realcomp:

1) ShowingTime Integration: Realcomp Brokers/Designated REALTORS who use the ShowingTime Front-Desk and/or Appointment Center services can now provide ShowingTime with the ability to generate 1-Day Codes through their software. These codes will then be released to non-Realcomp REALTORS or non-SentriSmart users scheduling showing appointments through these services, while documenting the access.

Authorizing the generation of 1-Day Codes through ShowingTime can save the Broker's Office Assistant(s) and Listing Agents the extra steps of needing to login to the SentriLock website to generate 1-Day Codes.

Brokers/DRs who desire to move forward with this benefit must go to "Links>Broker/DR Links>One Day Codes" on this website (while logged in under your Realcomp ID and password). There you will find detailed instructions on how to indemnify Realcomp and SentriLock, both required, before authorizing ShowingTime.

Once the indemnifications have been executed, the Broker's individual Agents will be able to update their listings in the ShowingTime software to include the ELB serial numbers that have been assigned to them. This will complete the process for enabling the 1-Day Code generation for these listings via ShowingTime.

2) Electronic Lockboxes Can Now be Ordered by MLS Subscribers: If you missed attending one of the training and distribution events held last month, you now have the option of ordering boxes (based on your current inventory in Realcomp) and either picking them up from Realcomp or having them shipped to you. Shipping and handling charges do apply when requesting that Realcomp mail the ELBs to your home or office. To take advantage of this service, please complete and return our Electronic Lockbox Order Form.

Want to send a courier or assistant to Realcomp to pick-up your ELBs? Simply complete our Equipment Proxy Agreement and return it via your trusted courier.

Please submit your ELB order to Realcomp at least 24-hours in advance of your planned pick-up. This will allow us to process your order as efficiently as possible and ensure the order is ready for pick-up when you arrive. 

Also, please keep in mind that attending ELB training is highly recommended. Realcomp will be adding ELB training classes to our class schedule beginning in February. Until then, be sure to reference the ELB videos that are available from the Help section of our ELB Central webpage.

3) SentriSmart App Access is Now Available for Personal Assistants: Agents who want to provide your Personal Assistants with SentriSmart App access can now do so for an additional charge of $5 per month (over and above the $10 per month charge for your PA to have access to Realcomp). Providing SentriSmart App access to your Personal Assistant will enable her/him to have "ownership access/privileges" for your ELB inventory. Without these privileges for your Personal Assistant, you may need to be more hands-on when it comes to the administration of your ELBs.

Assistants with SentriSmart Credentials:

  • Must be added to the team of any Agent or Broker they want to assist.
  • Can be on the team of multiple Agents; those Agents can but do not need to be on the same team.
  • To add an Assistant to the Agent’s team, the Agent logs into the SentriLock website and adds the Assistant to his/her team. This allows the Assistant to work with the lockboxes and listings of the specific Agent(s) they have been added as a teammate.
  • Can log into the SentriLock website to assign lockboxes to listings, generate 1 day codes, and grant SentriConnect access of the lockboxes of the Agents on their team. These functions can also be done directly from the SentriSmart app.
  • Using SentriSmart, Assistants can perform ownership functions of only the lockboxes of the Agents on their team (release the shackle, open the key compartment, assign lockboxes to listings, view access logs…etc).
  • Cannot access the key compartment of lockboxes not a part of their team.

Assistants without SentriSmart Credentials:

  • Cannot log into the SentriLock website or SentriSmart -- there is no access to the ELB system.

Without either type of assistant access, Listing Agents/Lockbox Owners can provide the following privileges (with proper permissions):

  • SentriConnect app access to specific listings - allows the user to open the key compartment for a specific lockbox for a specific period of time, this can be as short as 30 minutes or can be as long as 2 weeks.
  • 1-Day Code access for specific listings - this is a 7-9 digit code used at the lockbox to open the key compartment. This code is for a specific lockbox for a specific day. Once used at the lockbox, the code expires after 60 minutes.
  • Multiple 1 Day Codes to access specific listings, used for a single day (but can be generated up to 2 weeks in advance)
  • Shackle release codes for specific lockboxes on specific days. These codes will work all day on the lockboxes for which they are generated. They can be generated up to two weeks in advance.

    Only you can determine which of the above scenarios will be most helpful to you in your business. To request SentriSmart access for your Personal Assistant who already has Realcomp access, complete our Personal Assistant Access Application for SentriSmart.

    4) RCO3 Integration: Realcomp's Information Technology (IT) Department has been hard at work integrating specific SentriLock system features into the RCO3 MLS system. These improvements will allow MLS Subscribers to accomplish basic Electronic Lockbox (ELB) functions right from the RCO3 system, without users needing to login to the SentriLock website to accomplish these tasks. They include modifying Listing Input to allow MLS Subscribers to assign and remove ELBs from listings and more. Go here for more details regarding these very useful features that are coming on 1/9/18.

    January 2019

    January 2019

    Important January ELB Updates

    Important January 2019 Electronic Lockbox System Updates

    RCO3 Upgrade for SentriLock Integration

    RCO3 Upgrade for SentriLock Integration

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