Down Payment Resource Setup

DPR IDX Setup Instructions

Down Payment Resource (DPR) can easily be enabled on IDX and VOW websites, allowing consumers to see which properties are eligible for homebuyer programs and providing IDX site owners a new way to educate and connect with potential buyers!

To do so, IDX and VOW vendors or site administrators can identify the Down Payment Resource Y/N data field in RETS, and display the DPR graphic provided by the Agent on all eligible listings (DPR=Y), hyperlinked as follows:

The base format for DPR links appearing on eligible listings on IDX sites is:

where listing_id is the listing’s MLS number.

To enable delivery of lead emails to the IDX site owner:

An additional URL parameter must be provided. The preferred option is:


Where agent_id designates an agent record that can be retrieved from RETS. The lead email will be sent to the email address from the specified record, and the email address and phone number from that record will be included in the confirmation email sent to the prospect.

As an alternative, the destination address for the Agent’s lead email may be given explicitly using the following parameter:


In this case, the phone number to be included in the confirmation email (if any) may be provided by appending the following parameter (if omitted, no Agent phone number will be included in the confirmation email to the consumer):


Lead emails generated by DPR from this workflow identify the host name of the site that linked to DPR. By default, the host name is extracted from the URL of the page that contained the link to DPR (more specifically, from the Referrer header in the HTTP request).

For website owners that wish to override this default (or that do not provide a value for the Referrer header), the following parameter may be appended to the URL:


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