Prohibited Personal Information

Personal information (i.e. phone numbers, fax numbers, pager numbers, e-mail addresses, names, web URLs, open house model hours, etc.) is prohibited in the content of listings, photos, and/or virtual tours published in the MLS with the exception of the Agent Remarks field.

Links from any of the above to another Web page that includes personal information are also prohibited.

Photos and virtual tours may show the brokerage sign in the yard. However, the sign cannot be the focus of the photo.


Examples of prohibited personal information include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Any URLs including Virtual Tour URLS (including HUD & Ebay) 
  • E-mail addresses 
  • Contact phone numbers of any kind including 1-800 numbers 
  • Fax numbers 
  • Agent names 
  • Office/Agent logos or slogans 
  • Logos or slogans
  • Solicitation or advertising of the agent or broker
  • Virtual tour URLS/websites/phone numbers on photos 
  • Auction information, including auction dates and/or times or location

Fines for personal information in listing remarks, photos, or virtual tours are:

  • 1st occurrence: $50.00 
  • 2nd occurrence: $100 
  • 3rd occurrence: $250 and suspension of broker load privilege


If you have any questions, please contact the Realcomp Customer Care department at 866-553-3430. We thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

Last modified: Sunday, September 10, 2017