Twitter Tip Sheet
Tips to help you get started with Twitter: To make getting started with Twitter easy and convenient for you, we’ve consolidated some tips into one easy to access document.            

Not sure how (or why ?!?) you should get started on Twitter? If any of your current clients or potential ones are on Twitter, that’s reason enough. You don't need to fully understand Twitter, or the "why" part to "dip your toe into the pool". What is important is that you get started.

Twitter Tip #1: GET STARTED!

  • Go to
  • Follow the directions to Sign-up!
  • Choose a Twitter Name for yourself that has something to do with your real estate business. If the name you want is already taken, you will be notified before proceeding. Examples: SeaShoreRealty or SeaShoreRealtors or RealtorbytheLake. If you want to use your name, consider names like ... JSmithTopRealtor or JanieSmithRealty or RealtorJanieSmith. By using a 'business relevant' Twitter name, you will attract "followers" more easily than if you use just your name alone. The goal of course is to gain followers and begin using Twitter to promote your business. Go ahead - 'dip your toe' into the pool of Twitter.



So, by now you should have created your Twitter account. If that's the case, it’s time to customize your settings. If not, follow the instructions from last week to catch-up.            
  • PHOTO: Login to your account, click the gear icon in the top navigation bar, and select Edit profile.
  • Click the Change photo button. Choose the option to select an existing photo, take a photo, or remove your existing photo.
  • If selecting an existing image from your computer, your file can be up to 2MB in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG (animated GIFs, although accepted by Twitter, are not recommended - rev. 3/12/13).
  • After selecting the file, click Save. You will see a notification that your image has been successfully published to your profile. Note: The thumbnail image chosen will only appear on your profile after you click Save.
  • Update your name, bio, website, and location info: Visit the Profile tab in your settings, or click the Edit profile button on your profile page. Make the desired changes to your name, bio, website, or location. Make sure to include your homepage or blog URL address to lead followers to your website.
  • Click Save changes.

You're all set!

BIO Tips …Your BIO is limited to 160 characters—write a relevant and unique bio. Try to work in at least one main key phrase, if possible. For example, being a REALTOR® who specializes in a certain area, work this information into your BIO (i.e. “Metro Detroit, Michigan REALTOR®” or “Royal Oak, Michigan Real Estate”). Make it fun, or all business, but make it INTERESTING! The keywords you include in the BIO will be used by search engines to return matches.



By now, through our ongoing "getting started" Twitter saga, you may be wondering how you will go about connecting with others using this tool. You'll do this by following others and them following you. 

How to find people by name:
1. Type the person's name into the search box at the top of your Twitter homepage. Results for your search will show up under the People tab on the search results page.
2. Click on a post by that person, which will take you to their Twitter Profile. Click the Follow button. Note: You can also search by typing the person's name into the search box on the Connect page.

How to browse accounts by interest:
1. From the Discover page, click Browse categories.
2. Click on any interesting category. You'll be shown a list of accounts you may want to follow.
3. Click the post that interests you, which will take you to a Twitter Profile. Click the Follow button
Note: You can also browse by interest using the search box at the top of the Browse categories page. Type in a topic (like "news" or "basketball") or a descriptive phrase (such as "ballet dancer" or "actor") and you'll see a list of account results for that search term.



A great way to gain additional online exposure for your listings is to feature them through on TWITTER! Simply copy the property link from and paste it onto your “TWEET” (or even Facebook) post. Write a few creative words to gain interest and TWEET or POST away! Use the hash tag "#moveinmichigan" and we will be sure to “RETWEET” you! Follow us @moveinmichigan and @realcompmls on Twitter! If you haven't yet checked out TWITTER, why not try it now?



Be yourself! Your Twitter account may be used for your business, but remember to build a rapport with those who are following you. Just as in person-to-person relationships, build trust by sharing a little about yourself to let your Twitter audience know you. Balance your tweets with things you are doing and business updates (i.e. listing and/or open house news).


  • Volunteer time! Meeting my kids – love #bigbrotherbigsisters great cause and great kids!
  • Saturday morning soccer! Just enough time to catch two soccer games and then back to work!
  • Open House time – beautiful day to visit me and see a great home! 123 Maple Way – 10-2 today! #openhouse #maybeyournewhouse #moveinmichigan
  • Could my new listing in Birmingham be your new home? It won’t last long! See it at  #moveinmichigan #thismaybeyournewhouse
  • Driving to my next appointment and just saw the #worldsfattestrobin today! Spring is coming!
  • In the world of social media, you can let followers into your life, without sharing too many details. Use caution when deciding how much information you’ll share. Happy Tweeting!

Just as your mother always said, mind your manners! When you begin TWEETING – or RETWEETING, be sure to use common sense and manners. If someone re-tweets something you TWEETED, mention that in a follow-up TWEET with a "thank you".

When you start gaining followers, if they look legitimate (have a profile that identifies them, with a profile picture), FOLLOW that person back. If you haven’t already done so, take time to complete your profile with your photo. List your employment, interests, and a link to your website, blog or other social media accounts. We caution you about following anyone who does not have a completed profile. For reasons of legitimacy, without a completed profile, others will be leery of following you as well. Don’t forget to follow Realcomp on Twitter@realcompmls & @moveinmichigan. Happy Tweeting!


These tips are subject to change at any time by Twitter. For a list of Twitter's current rules & restrictions, please visit the Twitter website at:


Do you have a Tech Tip that you would like to share with our readers? Send it to us at – who knows, you just might be our next contributing author!

Last modified: Thursday, September 12, 2013