6 Remine Docs+ Tips to Keep in Mind

1. When sending a signing to your clients for their signatures, always add the consumer tip sheet on signings as the first document in your document package.

2. Only PDF and Word documents are compatible with Remine Docs+ for signings.

3. After sending a Smart Form to your client for signing, you should not make any additional changes to the form. Doing so will automatically create a new version of the form and may disrupt the signing process.

4. To use the mark-up tool (i.e., to strikeout sections) on a form, you will need to first convert the form to a PDF. The mark-up tool cannot be used on Smart Forms, only on PDFs.

5. Complete as much information as possible on any Smart Form before converting the form into a PDF. Once your form is in PDF version, empty fields will not auto-fill.

6. Agents should only use the Sign function on forms when your client is there with you, and they want to e-sign (instead of doing so through by email) or when your client has given you permission to sign the form on their behalf. Unless either of these circumstances apply, always Send the forms to your client so they can do the signing themselves.

Last Modified: Friday, August 26, 2022

August 2022

August 2022

6 Remine Docs+ Tips to Keep in Mind

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