Remine has been hard at work on addressing remaining Add-Edit software issues, which began with the June launch of the program. Most recently, they successfully deployed several corrections which we want to make you aware of. These include:

  • Forbidden words (i.e., fair housing trigger words) in remarks will only need to be approved once (by clicking Y to confirm the word used is correct) rather than every time a change has been made to that listing.
  • An issue related to Samsung photos generating an SOS error and preventing the photos from being uploaded has been resolved.
  • Photos uploaded by photographers now go through the watermarking process also.
  • Office assistants within a main office now can ADD, EDIT, and VIEW listings for all related branch offices. To access the listings for the branch office(s), simply go to Add/Edit, select Filters and change the Source to My Firm Listings. Your Add/Edit dashboard will display the applicable listings where you can click to edit them as needed. You can also create new listings for branch offices through our most recent Add-Edit software update (installed on Friday, August 8/26/22).
  • Last Modified: Monday, August 29, 2022

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    August 2022

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