Residential “Print Only” Form Now Available in Realcomp’s Docs+ Form Library

A “print only” version of Realcomp’s Residential-For Sale-listing profile form is now available in the Realcomp forms folder (shown below) and has been created at the request of MLS Subscribers.

The “print only” version is shorter at 7 pages (versus the 16 page Add-Edit version), not a Smart Form, and incapable of facilitating the auto-population of data into the form fields or data uploads to the MLS system (preview shown below):

However, MLS subscribers desiring a simpler, shorther, and less-technical option for doing the following now have that:

1) Printing the profile form,
2) Filling it out (by hand), and
3) Obtaining the client’s signature on it (either through wet or digital signing).

MLS Subscribers can simply scan the completed form and upload it their Docs+ transaction. The data will then need to be entered into Realcomp through the Add-Edit module to create the new listing.

If you have any questions about the “print only” profile form, please let us know by contacting Realcomp’s Customer Care Department at

Last Modified: Thursday, September 15, 2022

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Residential "Print Only" Form Now Available in Realcomp's Docs+ Form Library

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