We are pleased to share that Realcomp's Online Profile forms have been updated in Docs+. These enhanced forms now offer improved error messaging features, to provide a better experience informing users how to address incomplete fields. To take advantage of the new functionality, we strongly recommend updating your forms packages with the updated profile forms at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, we wanted to bring to your attention that Michigan REALTORS has recently updated some of their forms.

  • Buyer Agreement Form J – Form Updated (needs forms package to be updated to activate)
  • Buyer Agreement Form JJ – Form Updated (needs forms package to be updated to activated)
  • Short Form Buyer Agreement U – Form Removed
  • Short Form Buyer Agreement UU – Form Removed
  • You will want to update any forms packages that use/used these forms. For the forms that were removed, you may want to add an alternative form(s) to take its place.

    If you have any questions about this information, please contact our Customer Care Department at (866) 553-3430 or via email at support@realcomp.com.

    Thank you.

    Last Modified: Thursday, November 16, 2023

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