Add-Edit Updates as of September 8th

Remine recently deployed additional fixes to the Add-Edit software. These fixes included the following items:

  • Room cards are no longer duplicated when copying a listing. Previously they were.
  • Rooms no longer get deleted when Lower level is selected in error. Instead, a message is provided on the room card informing the user they can only use Lower Level when the property is a bi-level, tri-level, or quad-level. The user is required to correct the room level before publishing the listing to Active/Coming Soon.
  • Listings sent from Docs+ with a decimal in some fields (i.e., taxes) now sends the user to Add-Edit so the user can finish the listing and fix the field issues.
  • When uploading photos to a listing, the Success message should now display consistently.
  • Multiple missing School Districts have been addressed in Add-Edit.
  • Multiple missing Mailing Cities have also been addressed in Add-Edit. However, the addition of these cities has caused some to appear out of the correct alphabetical order. This will be fixed soon.
  • The download photos function works on older listings now. Previously, if you were in Add/Edit and clicked the option to Download photos that were loaded before the Add/Edit launch, you would receive a null Zip file. This is fixed and older listings' photos are able to be downloaded from Add/Edit now. Just click Select All and Download Photo(s) from the Add/Edit listing.
  • Waterfront Y is set when private, shared, or Direct water frontage is selected Waterfront Features.
  • RentSpree Y/N works with out-of-state listings.
  • And more

Last Modified: Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Add-Edit Updates as of September 8th

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